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  • Amazon Customer - Junk Software

    I keep purchasing Quicken hoping that it will finally do something of value. Whoever is designing this software is not in business for themself. Awful. If all you want to do is record what $$$ you have and what you are bringing or spending then just use Excel. Quicken offers no other advantages. Doesn't even xfer data correctly to Turbotax. Ergo, I refer to this as junk software. I think Intuit should refund the cost of this software to everyone who finds it as useless as I have.

  • Kenny - Love it.

    Love it...its the Best Bag that I have every owned. It has Everything, with the right number of pockets and the Cooler slot really does keep beverages very cold thruout a round.

  • Karen - We have another brand of cooler like this and it is not tapered

    This works well! The top unscrews, then you set the can inside of the bottom, then screw the top down on top. It works for regular 12 oz cans and even tall boy 16 oz cans. The taller ones do stick out of the top, but the top still screws down. It also works for bottles.

  • Amazon Customer - Best Sports Towel by Sport2People

    I purchased the Best Sports Towel by Sport2People for taking to Yoga classes and I love it. It is very nice to use and does help with keeping me dry. However, it can be used for swimming, camping, or at the gym. There are many uses for this towel and it is very well made. I love how absorbent it is. The product description is:

  • Nicholas M. - Amazing, makes your beer better.

    Fantastic. Simply Fantastic. If you really appreciate beer like myself, then this gadget is the right one for you. I got it from BrookStone, (which by the way were a big help), and from there pick up a 12 pack of Miller High Life (one of my favorite cheap beers) and the look on my face was priceless. I wasn't expecting much but it totally defeated my expectations. At the end of the next day I had to try something better, so I grabbed a 6 pack of Blue Moon and a few other Craft Beers. Again, made it 1000x better, I had to show my family and I got nothing but positive feedback. I have even tried the nitros (which I regret buying) and showed little improvement in my beer, then I bought this and It was instantly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can't wait to see what they have in store next.

  • S J Windspirit - The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this ...

    The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this product will work. Well, I've tried it twice and have noticed sections of my black moldy shingles inching its way back to its original tan/brown/yellow colors. However, most of my roof hasn't changed. I either have very resistant mold or it isn't all they claim. It's not that difficult to measure a 5 to 1 ratio of the product,afterall.

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