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  • My Esophagus is Dead: Dealing With Achalasia - An SLP shares how his personal experience with the rare swallowing disorder achalasia changed his professional approach to treating patients.
  • Finding David’s Space - A speech-language pathologist shares the story of the magic that happened when he met a young client in his own "space," metaphorically and physically, instead of asking the client to come to his.
  • A New Family Comedy About A Boy—With Autism - Another new television comedy focuses on a family navigating the world with a child with special needs. Netflix recently ordered an eight-episode season of “Atypical,” which centers on an 18-year-old with autism.
  • On the Road to the AAP Conference: What Do You Want Pediatricians to Know? - ASHA staff plan to advocate for members at the annual American Academy of Pediatrics conference later this month.

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  • M. Dunn - I'm never ever disappointed in a Bella Forrest book

    I'm never ever disappointed in a Bella Forrest book. EVER. I have read every single one and this new series has gripped me hard. I'm counting down the days until the next book comes out. This is a MUST READ!

  • Dawn - Pretty cool product.

    I usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning and add caffeine through the day with Crystal Light Caffeine drinks. When I was offered this at a discount to review, I thought I would give it a try. If nothing else, I could use it as a back up if I ran out, right? The stir sticks come easily packaged as individual units which makes it easy to slip on into your purse or pocket. Just pull off the tab and stir into your drink. The caffeine comes by way of a sweet smelling powder in the stir stick. I tried it in a glass of water and I DID notice a flavor. Sort of sweet. Almost like baby aspirin? Sweet and low? Not at all unpleasant and probably unnoticeable in a flavored drink. You do get caffeine without jitters or a rush and no crash. The stir sticks will get mangled if you leave them at the bottom of your overly packed purse and they are not particularly discrete if you are out and about. Then again, you only have to stir it in for a few seconds to dissolve the powder so it is not that bad.


    It ADVERTISES 1200mg (which is higher than other brands, usually 1000mg), but if you look closely at the Supplement Facts, each capsule only has 740mg of ACTUAL cla (conjugated linoleic acid). I have not yet come across an affordable tonalin cla product with a "full" serving of 1250mg of pure cla, but vitamine shoppe brand has a range of 740-820mg cla in each capsule.

  • MustangSammy - Love it!

    I love the spicy scent. It starts out really strong but when it's dry it's just a lingering barely there scent. My favorite product is the Marrakesh X. It detangles wet or dry hair with a very tiny amount and does not weigh down your hair. I have reordered that in the dreamsicle scent for my girls. It's on it's way :)

  • KaraKartal - Great activity tracker and coach if you are not looking for step tracking.

    ActivityTracking: Moov Now has a little bit unusual way of tracking activity. It looks for a certain threshold and if you cross that threshold than it counts it as active minutes. App tells you that you need to be active at least 30 minutes a day. So, it motivates you to do a 30 minute walk outside during your lunch break or do some exercise. Walking around the office or house doesn’t cross the threshold so moov pushes you to do more. So, it is keeping track of how much exercise you do throughout the day. But I would like to also see how many steps I walked like fitbit and have idle alerts like jawbone to motivate me to get up more from my chair. It would have been great if the small battery indicator led light started blinking if you were sitting idle too long for instance. Idle alert should be such an easy thing to implement I don’t know why moov doesn’t put that feature. So, basically moov motivates me do more exercise but it doesn’t motivate me to get off my desk if I was idle too long.

  • usrunnr - Outstanding 2016 Cast Recording

    Fine revival cast recording. Delightful upon multiple listenings. Cast and voice quality could not be better.

  • evelyn maldonado - IN LOVE WITH THIS AMP. Hits hard

    So far so good. Got to kicker l7 12" rated at 1500watt max and 750w rms. they're dvc 4ohm in parellel for a total of 1ohm. I had people starring and almost getting into accidents from how loud they were on the highway lol. They hit so hard that I can't use my rear view mirror because every time I fix it to see behind me the bass just hits it back down... I Only had It for a couple of days so if anything changes I'll update my review. People say hifonics is a cheap brand now but I had a cheaper amp before and if you treat them right they can last.... Never put the gain past half and never set bass all the way

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