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  • David Anderson - Works well if you use the bait the critters want

    I bought this trap due to a couple of issues with squirrels - they were eating my bird feed and they were stripping my fruit trees bare about two weeks before the fruit could ripen. I first purchased some 'squirrel corn' for bait and the squirrels showed no interest for a few weeks. Then I got wise and baited with the black oil sunflower seeds that the squirrels had been helping themselves to. Since then I've caught nine squirrels in about two weeks.

  • Giftfromgod55 - The outdoor LED solar lights are charged directly from the sun, so you never need power cords.

    My review is for the LED Solar Lights with Motion Sensor (2 Pack)- Multipurpose Backyard Lights for Porch, Patio, Walkway, Stairs, Garden, Fence, Playground- Outdoor Solar Path Lights w/ 16 Super Bright White LED Lights- Home Lighting Solar Yard Lights, Green Color. by Light Speed Solar Tech. The outdoor LED solar lights are charged directly from the sun, so you never need power cords. This outdoor LED solar lights is solar-powered .After it's full-charged it can will keep working more than 8 hours. My husband installed this light with absolutely not problems at all. This is a wonderful solar light. We received this with quick delivery!! Very happy with this product. So happy to receive this product at this discounted price. And I believe you will be too should you choose to purchase these!! We plan on using this every day above our exterior garage and shed doors. It put the light where we needed it to most. We have received this product at a discounted price in exchange for your honest and unbiased review..

  • Bradley Pon - I got fake ones...Check them upon receiving

    I ordered these for my girlfriend because she wanted ones with darker lenses. When the came in the mail, I immediately compared them to her original ones because I was skeptical after having read all the stories about the fake ones out there. I had done my homework...and these would have easily passed as "real" if my girlfriend had bought them herself and didn't think twice. The cheap plastic frame was scratched above the left lens, and there was no engraved "RB" on the lens. The frame on the new ones look and feel more "toy-store" made as if they were from a large production factory; compared to the sturdier, handmade frames of the original ones. Don't get fool paying good money. Make sure you're getting the real deal.

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