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  • Amazon Customer - Caveat emptor

    We purchased the LiNX Cordless in September 2011. There is assembly required on arrival where you need to secure the handle to the vacuum body with a screw. This is a weak point - the vacuum should not, never, be purchased if you have stairs in your home because the handle flexes at this point and loosens to where the screw cannot hold the handle firmly to the body any longer. Also, the dirt collection trap, while an interesting design, is made entirely of plastic and the trap door for dumping the dirt collected, pivots on plastic pegs that broke off. Also, an inner piece that secures with a bayonet-type mount cracks and comes loose while vacuuming allowing dirt to completely plug to foam filter each time the vacuum is used. In looking on the Hoover web site for parts, this dirt collection trap seems to be on constant back-order, probably because of this deficiency.

  • Amazon Customer - Dont waste your money, doesnt work worth a damn

    This product did not work at all. All this product does is dry out your hair and make it feel terrible. I bought two boxes, used one the night before the screening and the second one the very next morning and was also the day of the screening. I failed the screening. So no job for me. I do not recommend anyone wasting your money on this craps. It forced me to choose a star but I I didn't want to give it any stars.

  • Jeannette Herzog - Best Class I Ever Took

    I had the great advantage of having Dr. Ehrhardt as a Professor of Finance when I was getting my MBA. He's a fantastic teacher, and this book was an exceedingly useful tool in learning the material. I am currently in law school but intend to work more in business when I'm finished, and this is the first book I'm buying in order to refresh my Finance skills beforehand. I highly recommend this book (and accompanying materials on CD) for people who many need to brush up on what they already know, want some examples to show them how to better organize their work via Excel, or just want to have a supplement for a Finance class they're already in.

  • overthemoon - Good product

    We don't live in an area that has much of a problem with fleas & ticks but our dog does itch a lot. I bought it for the itching and for times when we might travel to other areas that have more of an issue with fleas & ticks. I also liked that it was organic and felt that alone might be therapeutic for the itching issue. It does seem to have helped and we like the way it left his coat nice & clean & fluffy. I would buy it again.

  • Alta Boy - Awesome Ninja

    I bought this blender after starting to eat more raw food. It has plenty of power and is able to pull the food down without having to stop and push it down. It is a little noisey but that is what you get for the having all that power. Would buy another one, I love it. It does what it says it will and is easy to clean. I googled and found a 30 dollar coupon also. Livingrawbygrace dot com

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