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  • Dave Mobley - I will say that I liked the concept of it being able to run on ...

    I evaluated this product alongside of my verified known working glucose monitor that I will call my control unit:

  • Eva Jones - Hot Bad Boy Romance

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book and WOW another awesome story this book was a collaboration between these two awesome authors a bad boy romance which I loved and enjoyed if you are looking for a book that has hot sexy romance suspense with plenty of action then this is the book for you great storyline and characters would love to give more stars if I could I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

  • George Schaefer - Startling good read

    Whew!! That's the first word that comes to my mind. It surfaced in my thoughts numerous times as I was reading this tale. This book is overwhelming. I had always heard tales about Shackleton and this was a most compelling read. I found myself unable to put it down. It just grabs a hold of you and won't let go. Alfred Lansing did a superb job of storytelling here. It is one of the most amazing tales of human courage and endurance ever written. This is a fabulous story. Sir Ernest Shackleton truly displayed extraordinary mettle in spite failing to achieve the initial objective. His leadership is undeniable. He held a crew together to endure the harshest climate on the planet. That the entire crew survived the venture is testament to the power of the human spirit. The will to survive can attain soaring heights as this tale suggests. Lansing attempts to get into the nature of the different men but he allows their diaries to dictate the writing. This is great because supposition by authors of nonfiction can be fatuous. Drawing excerpts from the diaries of the men is a way to draw upon the incredible human drama and psychology that must have unfolded in this venture. The obstacles encountered by the crew are staggering. The wind, the dampness, the bitter cold and the long months of darkness in the winter seem like more than any man should be able to stand. They slept in wet sleeping bags in sub-freezing temperature; ate unappetizing foods; and still managed to keep their hopes alive. These were not accommodations up to Hyatt standards. One wonders how many people today would be tough enough to triumph over these hardships. The pain, ennui and discomfort must have been staggering. I found myself just shaking my head with awe at numerous passages in the book. These are men who went to Hell and came back alive. That is remarkable in and of itself. This book is a classic account of one of man's most remarkable journeys. Read it and discover for yourself.

  • Nealon Bradley - Change, sometimes you have to accept it.

    Snyder and Capullo have never let me down before. They are doing something different for once instead of beating a dead horse with another dead horse. The art is fantastic and the story is a great start to what is a promising arc.

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