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  • Barb - I am ecstatic that I got this great deal on these tires

    I am ecstatic that I got this great deal on these tires! I had a set of 4 of these tires on my used 2005 Dodge Ram when I bought it. I put 70,000 MILES on those tires with ZERO issues. I figured they must have been super expensive, so when I was finally able to replace them, of course I wanted to get the exact same Goodyear Eagle tires. Everyone can't believe the awesome price I paid on Amazon. I have Prime so shipping was free and within 48 hours of placing the order. There was even an option to include installation at a local shop which I did. I'll never buy tires any other way! THANKS AMAZON!!

  • Bob T, GA - Nice pedals, duct tape helps installation

    Purchased this pedal set from Amazon for my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Pedals are very good quality and look great. I read other reviews on the tough installation and tried something a little different. The gas pedal cover went on fairly easy (took about 10 minutes). The brake pedal cover is much tougher. Struggled for about 30 minutes using hot soapy water to lube the rubber and had little success. The main problem is that you must hold the two rubber side flaps and the top flap open as you slip the pedal cover up from the bottom. This is almost impossible to do with two hands. My next approach was to make a small vertical slit in two places (just above the horizontal slots) as mentioned by others. I didn't want to make a knife slit (fearing the rubber would tear when it was pried back)so I used a Dremel tool with a 1/16" bit to cut a vertical slot instead of a knife slit. I then used duct tape to hold the top rubber flat open. The tape ran behind the top flap and over the front of the pedal (used two pieces of tape to cover the entire top flap). This worked great to hold the top flap open. Now to install the brake cover it is only necessary to hold open the two side flaps as you slide it up from the bottom (the top flap is held open with the duct tape). Once the side flaps and bottom flap is in place, pull the duct tape off and let the top flap fall into place. This worked great, only took one try, less than 10 minutes. I would rate these pedal covers 5 stars for quality put dropped the rating to 4 stars because of the useless instructions that come with them.

  • Tre' Stephens - Awesome and Highly Recommended.

    Has my computer clean and running beautifully. Just the product I was looking for. Highly recommended for a cleaning and performance product.

  • Amanda - DO NOT BUY. fake!!

    PLEASE READ** I had purchased a pair of these at the Sunglasses Hut and my mom had told me she found the exact ones on Amazon. I ordered these and kept the ones purchased to compare. Sitting them side by side, they are COMPLETLY different. Even the cases are different. The ones I had ordered are replicas, not real ones. Although they are very good replicas they are MANY MANY differences. Please beware of this scam and don't let yourself pay 100+$ for fake glasses. The ray ban symbol wasn't even in the same spot it was in my real glasses (I have multiple pairs) the logo in the nose piece was upside down, the blue was a different shade, the case had a different material, the clip on front of the case was more of a hard metal than a soft leather like on the original ray ban case. Please beware and refrain from purchasing fake products.

  • Tmac - Sharp, comfortable, very long lasting.

    Very sharp and long lasting blades. I have a pretty heavy beard but I hate shaving so I only do it every few days meaning I can feel when a blade is pulling after wearing out. I got this set May 2 and haven't changed blades yet. It seems unlikely I know, but the first blade is just going on and on. Very comfortable shaves. I don't use the trimming blade on the back but it did work ok when I tried it once. Handle is comfortable to hold. Comes with a stand to keep the blade raised a bit for drying. I recommend.

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