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  • onedatworks - Sturdy and smart!

    This is such a nice and strong quality umbrella. It's thick with double layers and it has a delicate cut out print on the blue side. It is awesomely thought out and easy to use for getting in and out of the cars and it helps especially with children. Also the handle is cushioned and its shaped in a useful shape which is easier to hold than the straight stick umbrella. There are no short cuts taken with the quality of this umbrella is feels sturdy without feeling heavy, it's pretty to look at I chose the blue and it's vibrant, and useful and completely thought out, making you wonder why no ones ever thought of this before. Not to mention it comes with a carrying case just sling it over your should your next big event, I did while visiting colleges with my son and we were the only ones covered while on a campus tour of the apartment. Also you can easily get 2-3 people covered comfortable under there. I'm very excited to have received this umbrella at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • J.Bourgeois - Wow such a great read

    That taboo or forbidden relationship, stepfather worthwhile stepdaughter. But is that what it is Lola Grace meets the Sexy older guy and he happens to be her mom's new toy. Max sees his Kitten and knows she is barely legal but there is something about her he has to have. After the best night of his life he finds out she is his new stepdaughter. These two have such a strong Chemistry and staying away will be the hardest thing Max has to do. Scandal is running around them and when the truth comes out can they be what each of them needs to find their Happy.

  • nathan - takes forever

    takes forever to get your item and after you buy it you get hit with alot of extra charges for state, e-filing, and federal efiling. after all the extra cost your paying alot more then just buying the h&r block at the store. DONT GET THIS HERE!

  • Alyssa - Complete S***

    Do not waste you money on this. It worked perfectly, I loved all the features then it stopped working after a week (after I tossed the receipt) the radio would turn on the fade into nothing by static, the alarm would go off but would emit no sound, the k-cell stopped working after 3 days and wouldn't charge. I tried unplugging it, removing the battery for 20 minutes (even up to 3 days) and it would only be a temporary fix after 10 minutes the audio would stop working again. They let me exchange it at the store, the second worked for about 3 weeks however the k-cell never charged and would get stuck in the holder, then the audio problem happened again. Since I believed it worked and threw away the receipt I can't return it. Huge waste of money.

  • Jackson - DOES NOT WORK!!

    I have been taking this product for 6 mos. and saw no results just more hair loss. Don't bother. All the results an their website have to be scams.

  • N. Charest - Delicious Tea But Be Careful!

    But if you have high blood pressure, skip it!! Even small amounts of black licorice root can raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. The licorice in the tea is only there to add sweetness.

  • C. Wells - Well, the updated Ecto-1 looked nice... but

    This movie did the franchise a huge disservice. That being said, even if there were no previous Ghostbusters movies, this movie would still suck.

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