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  • L. Garnett - ZetaClear

    Zetaclear does not work at all. I used it for 8 months and no effect. This is a total waste of money and you get only a portion of your money back if you try to return it.

  • Lieutenant - Unbelievable results

    Honestly, I didn't expect too much from a product that says it will clean me out. Being over 150 pounds overweight for the last 5 years , I have definitely been duped by a lot of products claiming to do a lot of things and then not performing when it comes down to it.

  • Kindle Customer - Mr. Trimmer avoids relevancy

    Mr. biggest complaint with Mr.Trimmer's work is his lack of relevancy. While his previous books, "How to Avoid a Stegosaurus", "How to Avoid Howard Hughes", and "How to Avoid Damn Big Powdered Wigs", were well-written, he has struggled with tackling subject matter relevant to today's generations. "How to Avoid Huge Ships" does address a subject that does affects some people currently, but I view it as a very timid, tentative step towards tackling more controversial and relevant subjects. Mr. Trimmer, where are "How to Avoid a Kardashian", "How to Avoid Twerking", and "How to Avoid Windows Vista"? The world needs those books now!

  • Catherine Shanahan, MD - Practical Guide on How to Combine Low Carb with Fasting

    How often you eat matters--or more precisely, how long you can go between eating (without feeling bad) matters. That's one of the key concepts this book brings to the ongoing healthy eating discussion. It's not about starving yourself thinner. It's about paying attention to one of the least discussed components of our diets, the WHEN. It turns out there are hormonal benefits to going for relatively long periods between meals. You don't even have to fast for a whole day to begin to experience these benefits. Just skipping lunch is a great way to get started.

  • Sarah Davis - Only 1 flaw. manageable but bloody annoying tell you fix it.

    Great at what it does, but the rubber ear piece is way to small and there are not replacements. Problem is, this the relies on that ear rubber to stay in place. If you have some laying around it uses any standard rubbers. So what would have been 5 stars gets a 4. I can't imagine why there erred on the side of way to small. Other then that it's great.

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