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  • Heather Jones - Good product for the price.

    After reading reviews of this product on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly on the tiny scratches in the paint that did not expose any primer. For bigger scratches where I could see the primer, I used cream #1 multiple times (up to 7) to get rid of them. On those scratches, it probably got rid of about 80% of them. For deep scratches, such as key marks, it really didn't work that well on its own. I followed the advice of another reviewer, and painted first with a matching auto paint I bought at Walmart. Let it dry, then I sanded it with the 3000 grit paper and used cream #1 several times. Finished up with cream #2 and the key mark was noticeably improved. Definitely not perfect, but I would say it worked as well as my neighbor's $400 car buffer, for only $14. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to get rid of small scratches cheaply. Also -- you have to rub in cream #1 really hard!

  • Yoga Addict - It works!

    This stuff does work! It is a bit of a mess though!! The black powder does get all over the sink and toothbrush, and also my mouth and teeth and tongue were black - best to save this procedure for at night when you are not ready to run out the door like I was. Charcoal has a natural detoxifying effect and helps whiten and brighten the teeth. It is all natural, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals getting into your system. I try to use all natural remedies whenever possible. I received a discount to try this product out and would recommend giving it a try. Just give yourself some time to clean up and really rinse your mouth after you are done. I used a tongue scraper to clean my tongue as well.

  • Joanna Adams - Finally something that works on my hooves!

    My feet are like hooves. I have tried everything. Pumice stones, scrubs, lotions and nothing quite worked. I was skeptical ordering this thing but I am so very happy I did. Worth every penny. After a few minutes of using it, my feet are pretty soft. Only down side is the dust. It's like a power sander for your feet so it makes a bunch of dust which is gross. Next time I use it I think I will use it outside and then go in the shower afterward.

  • Kim Stewart - Please tell me what to think Cory!

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cory's book. As a single mother and a female, I know I am incapable of making my own decisions or rational thought of any kind, so I clicked the "buy now" button. My incapacity for rationality must also be why I think I am a feminist and have a Masters degree!

  • Love Amazon - Great cards

    Great for making cards. I can customize them for the occasion. I even add pictures of my own to the pre done cards. It's a snap and so much cheaper in the long run than buying cards.

  • MarjoryCS - Step by step review of election

    If you are interested in details of the 2012 campaign this is the book for you. If you have followed the election with reasonable details, you already know most of what's in the book. Author has credibility thus the book is very believable.

  • Bowie B. - Did wonders!

    Azo is the number one brand for preventing and curing symptoms for women! I have used the Azo brand for 5 years now. I would get uti's every month and had to change a lot in my diet. No orange juice, lemonade, coffee, etc. I take the Azo uti, cures symptoms within mintutes, also the Azo yeast infection, same results. I take the cranberry Azo everyday and have not had issues for over 6 months. These pills have made it possible to eat and drink anything now without worrying.

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