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  • Paul J Sander - Great product, requires patience and practice

    This is an excellent product when applied properly. Getting the surface ready (cleaning, and sanding if necessary) is really important. This is also an important step when applying other coatings and paints, so it makes sense that the surface should be prepared for this also. When it wasn't shaken for enough time, the sprayers didn't spray it very well. This product (the Bottom Coat) really needs to be mixed for a good 5 minutes straight before it can be sprayed. I've also noticed that drying time is important. The bottom coat seems to dry slowly (about an hour) and depending on how thick it is applied, it may take 30 minutes to 2 hours. The coating seems to work well for water very soon after the top coat is applied. I have tried using the coating to repel oils and paints, and it doesn't always work with every paint or oil. However, if I wait longer for the top and bottom coat to dry (overnight after the top coat is applied), the coating has a better chance of working with something other than water.

  • Becki Merritt - The Wall - Pink Floyd

    I purchased The Wall for my daughter for her birthday. Even at my age you can find this and other Pink Floyd music in my CD collection. I was disappointed that this was only a part of the complete version, but I should have realized that when the price was so much cheaper than the complete version I bought years ago. She still enjoys it but I will have to find the full CD for her.

  • Aramis - I give five stars. I usually see an assortment ...

    I give five stars. I usually see an assortment of bugs in our house, usually around the front and back door. They are common around the area we live in. I have noticed since I plugged that in that I haven't saw insects at all. I received this at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • faolin - also effective taken as a pill

    My primary care couldn't find a source for my macrocytic anemia, and I did some research that brought me to methyl B12. I started taking the Jarrow formula an hour before breakfast every day, to maximize absorption on an empty stomach. Six weeks later, my bloodwork was NORMAL for the first time in years. I'm less irritable and have noticeably more energy. As a bonus, I was rarely sick this winter, and when I was it was a very mild version of whatever was circulating.

  • Amazon Customer - I received the powder version today. In my opinion ...

    I received the powder version today. In my opinion it's unfair to rate whether this product delivers until you've been on the regiment for at least 60-90 days. None of these star mean anything, I will be back in November 2016 with a fully rating.

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