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  • Amazon Customer - Love this product

    Love this product! We bring it everywhere we go. My infant started to get a flat head and this has stopped it from getting any worse.

  • LM Review - Disappointed reader..spoilers ahead beware

    I felt cheated. I was getting into the story while reading the sample. I felt the connections and the potential love that the h had for the heroine just from reading her letters. Then he finally met her without her realizing who he was. That drew me enough that I couldn't wait to buy the book. Then after that the storyline changed and became annoying. I hated the h how he started bullying and picking on the heroine. Using her letters to him to let everyone know her secrets. It felt like I was reading the Bully book. Except this one didn't work for me. The Bully book was told in a way that still showed the h having feelings. This one was like what the heck happened. The heroine didn't do nothing to him except take his poem then he belittle her? I just couldn't continue anymore at this point. That was no excuse. This was only at 30% of the book and I wasn't invested anymore. I flipped to the end. His reason was to blame his mother for leaving him and for the death of his sister. This book could have been better if it continued with the initial plot. It felt like the storyline was told in two parts. I am the minority here for not enjoy ing this book. I have read all of Ms. Douglas book especially loved Corrupt and she's very talented but this book just wasn't for me. Still recommend it but be prepared for the plot twister. I gave this 3.5 stars for the great writing except didn't care to re-read the same bullying storyline.

  • Jose L. - Adding Technology

    The best and cheaper option to add technology to the car. But also the quality is more than expected.

  • Christopher Oberle - Great read!

    I loved every bit of this book! It was truly inspiring and uplifting. I found parts to be very therapeutic because they were just what I needed to hear at this stage in my life with two little ones running around! I don't normally re-read books but in this case I definitely will.


    What junk! Will never use again. Any little thing causes a need [by their terms] to repair their software. I've had to do this 3 times since its purchase in Feb. It now has suddenly stopped using the autopilot option, thereby resetting every option for protection to off. It has always sporadically dropped the firewall "whenever". As a result you have to go in to see if it is actually still functioning.Their wallet causes the system to crash because of the significant amount of RAM it uses. IF [IF] you can get tech support to respond and IF [IF] they understand your English, they will ask for error logs which takes days on end to evaluate. Then they just say "run repair". THE final straw was when I was told to turn auto updates for Windows on as it would fix the login issue. Opps, they failed to say that Microsoft discourages this as it can create keyboard and mouse lock ups. So guess what I get to do?? Yep, go through the needle and the haystacks to get these devices working, then take the BITDEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2016 PIECE OF S...CRAP OFF. Way to go, you've made my day off oh so wonderful!

  • Shutterbug35 - Changes in Interface are Confusing

    I have always enjoyed using family tree maker. I have more than 500 people organized and have been adding little bits of history. This version of FTM updated an older one that I was using and had got familiar with. The user interface changes were very dramatic and it took me a long while getting used to the interface, Broderbund had kept the interface simple. Now I have a lot of features and a very cluttered Microsoft like interface that is bewildering. I also lost some of the features that I had gotten used to which produced dense circular layouts that I could put on a wall. Microsoft has got us used to whiplash when they change versions of Office and it was sad to see FTM go that way too. Chances are that the age group using FTM is an older lot and change is definitely harder for our grey haired brethren.

  • Mthr of Pearl - So far so good

    I purchased a 2012 Samsung Smart TV at a good price with the potential option of getting the Evolution kit to upgrade it to a 2013 model -- which I did. The final review of this item is not in yet as I'm still playing with the unit. Installing wasn't much of a problem except that I did have to call Samsung for a bit of help which wasn't really helpful at all. I removed the unit and reinstalled it -- my original problem was that it wasn't plugged in all the way. Having fixed this problem the install went smoothly according to the instructions. I do have one complaint about the installation instructions -- it should be larger print -- the font is small and difficult to read. As I said earlier -- I'm still playing with it. The biggest difference between the 2012 and 2013 model is that the opening screen goes directly to the multiple choice screen instead of directly to the TV mode -- I like that. Navigating between aps, TV and TV channels, and movie selections is easier that on the 2012 model -- it's all there. I haven't had any problems using the update so far.

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