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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - OK product

    The product does what was promised but, was less that what I felt I could achieve with less expensive product mixtures in just putting in a little more time. Also to expensive for the amount of product. Good luck with sales but, I will not be purchasing again.

  • Todd H. - Good when it works.

    This product is great when it's applied properly, and horrible when not. Rust-Oleum should manufacture a brush and roller that can withstand the strength of this product....or they should recommend a specific brand of what you should use. There are too many options for the consumer to choose from, that are not suitable for this product as brushes and rollers go. I think it's ridiculous that they just expect you to "figure it out. "

  • Josh and Kathleen - Great HDMI cable for extending the HTC Vive

    I purchased this cable to connect my HTC Vive to a PC in another room. This cable is extremely solid. It feels more like an extension cable than any HDMI cable I have owned in the past.

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