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  • Wayne Tibbit - Love it! Here is a hint for Echo owners

    The new Echo compatibility works very well and allows grouping controllers under a single group name. I just set up three controllers and now I can say "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" and viola, they're on! Much easier than finding each lamp's on/off switch on a cord behind a piece of furniture. I can also schedule them to turn on and off when we're away from home.

  • iowavulcan - Nice fitting But...

    Nice box, but is a bit tall. When I installed this my seat basically sits right on the sub. I put the included spacers on the box to give a little clearance but works good. May be better if the rear seat was raised a touch.

  • Shirley J. Kremer - Excellent product

    I mix 1 scoop with 7 oz. of rice milk and that is my meal replacement twice a day--the third meal I watch my calorie intake and I have been losing weight. It tastes great and keeps me feeling satisfied so I don't snack.

  • Yet Another Amazon Customer - disappointed.

    I've already played Flow Free and Flow Free Bridges... including all of the bonus packs. I don't know if being good at those games made this one far too simple, or if the reason the levels seem so easy is that there are now six directions you can go instead of four. I would have thought the extra directions you can go would have made it more difficult, but for me, this game just seems simple... beyond simple, to the point of being boring. It's ok to play to waste some time when you don't have time for a more time consuming game... and while you're waiting for the next daily puzzles to be released... but otherwise, it's not one I'll spend a lot of time playing.

  • Richard Peck - My number 1 Choice for Antivirus

    I have to say I have never had a virus on my P.C. using this software. I had always used the free McAffee from my Internet provider and after 3 virus attacks I switched to Kaspersky and never looked back.

  • Disappointed - Their manual is useless. Our lard man took about 15 minutes to ...

    Their manual is useless. Our yard man took about 15 minutes to break the spooler, and the manual was no help in re-assembling it. The Trimmer/Edger features are pretty clever, but everything seems easy to break. Needed a spare charger and Worx does not stock them.

  • uhakes - We love this table chair

    We love this table chair! It is comfortably padded and cleans up easily with a wet sponge. It travels wherever the baby goes and attaches quickly to every table. We are going to purchase another one for our youngest granddaughter! Choosing another color will be a tough decision to make.

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