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  • A.Rohloff - which is super easy and self explanatory

    So I had our landlord replace our water filter 6 months ago, and for whatever reason it just wasn’t right. It kept popping the filter door open on the bottom of the fridge for no reason. And actually until I replaced it with this one, apparently it was a really loud filter, which I didn’t know was possible. I put this one in, which is super easy and self explanatory, and once the water ran through it, it was 10 times quieter while running water from the fridge! I don’t get it, but I absolutely love it. You could hear the water being drawn from across the house before, and now you can barely hear anything. It seems to work just as well as any brand name filter you get from a store. I don’t notice or taste any difference in the water at all. I would definitely recommend this filter to anyone needing a replacement one, and if I am still in the same apartment in 6 months, I will be ordering a replacement as well.

  • josie - AMAZING PRODUCT!!!

    This stuff is amazing!!! I have been taking it every day for over a month and my hair looks healthy and my skin looks better than it has in years . My nails are also growing and strong when the used to be brittle and cracked . Slight after taste but well worth it

  • Alondra Quezada - Wars with friends

    I chose this book because i used to get in fights with my friends all the time. This book is the first time in weeks that I actually have fun reading a book. If i were a publisher I would give the book five stars. I wish I could have a slumber party. I also wish I could have so much imagination as it is in the book. The book“Slumber Party Wars"by Melanie Marks is a fantastic book because it is the same thing I was going through.

  • Booklvr D - Love the Variety

    Love this game it is fun and gives a good workout. When the game suggests that you should stop an activity for the day I would listen to it otherwise you will have muscle fatigue the next day!! :) Love that there are levels of intensity that increase as your fitness level increases. I wish they didnt have your image on the screen its distracting when they put you next to some super fit instructor..i guess that could be motivation.

  • LinZeeDee - Love how Mandy weaves the lives of two unlikely people ...

    Love how Mandy weaves the lives of two unlikely people together and leaves the readers on the edge of their seats rooting for the love of these two!

  • J. Klopotoski - Excellent Quality for Great Price!

    My daughter will not take this costume off. Great quality for the price! Material is durable and the size was pretty accurate. It's a little big, but will allow me to put a sweatshirt and pants under it to keep her warm for Halloween night. I forsee a lot of police cosplay in my future as a result.

  • bgwilliams528 - Excellent product I've just started taking it

    Excellent product I've just started taking it. I feel the change in my digestive system and it gives you lots of energy. I'm tracking my weight lose progress I

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