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  • Benefits of Fish Oil - By Dr. Adrienne Youdim - Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have been associated with a wide range of health benefits, from loosing weight, better moods, memory and bone density
  • Leg Press Alternatives - Leg Exercises You Can Do at Home - Alternative leg press exercises to work on quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles. Leg exercises you can do at home with out going to the gym
  • Is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Right for You? - Learn the science behind High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and help you decide if an HIIT regimen would be right for your health and fitness goals.
  • Kimchi for Your Gut Health  - Kimchi for your gut health. The do's and don'ts of adding fermented foods to your diet for gut health. By Functional Medicine Specialist Marsha Nunley, MD 
  • How to Identify the "Healthy" Eating Disorder, Orthorexia - Often, orthorexia  becomes so restrictive that the individual starts to exhibit symptoms similar to those in anorexia, but these symptoms needn’t be present before deciding there is a problem.
  • Estimating Healthy Portion Sizes on the Go - While getting larger food portions at low prices may appeal to the pocket book, Americans may be paying for it later when it comes to their health. 
  • 3 Tips to Keep Your New Year's Fitness Resolution - Here are a few easy-to-remember concepts that will help make this year’s fitness goals a bit more attainable. Don’t let your fitness resolutions fade away.

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  • Jeffrey Russell - Excellent guide, with one caveat

    Excellent guide book to Germany. I would recommend getting the Kindle edition and putting it on your phone or tablet (or both) so that you can have it handy instead of toting the paper copy around. Well documented with current updates and suggestions for off the beaten path sites, such as restaurants and hotels. Only slight knock would be that some locations in Germany, such as Heidelberg, are not covered at all as Mr. Steves believes that they are overly touristy or not worth seeing. If you have a reason to go to these locations, which are overpopulated with tourists, you may need to have some information regarding that locale. I think the guide would serve the reader better if these type of locations were covered, at least minimally, with a caveat that the writer would not recommend visiting them.

  • Larry Scott - would last for years except for plastic part

    We loved this espresso maker even though we had read reviews about leaking. After about 18 months ours started leaking and I tore it down to find the source. There is a small plastic part that connects the tank to the pump. It is designed with a thin side that cannot handle the pressure and developed a crack. If this part was metal it should last for years. I attempted a repair with epoxy with limited success.

  • Amazon Customer - Good thing bad thing

    I have owned multiples of this and I do love it. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the last 2 I purchased, once the battery that they provide you with runs out it never works again with a new battery. I am replacing the one I had right now since I have tried 3 new batteries and it won't work. If I put the old battery in that it came with it does work but is almost completely run out.

  • Joel - Good product at a great price

    This is a quality product. Does what they say it does. I will order again. Good product at a great price.

  • Rachel Meyer - Luxurious double-stroller experience

    This is the most easy to steer of any double stroller I have ever tried. Turns easily, does not feel off-balance, truly pleasant to use. Easy to get kids in and out. Easy to access the basket, even in double stroller mode, though sometimes you have to move the footrest if the back seat is rear-facing. Easy-to-use foot break system that you push down to toggle from "on" to "off" instead of needing to pull back up with your foot. Generous sun shades. Easy to change the configuration of any seat simply by pressing the buttons, removing it, and putting it back in however you would like. You can easily switch the seat from forward to backward with the child in it, although that's not recommended for safety. Folds and unfolds very nicely and stands on its own. Note that you have to remove the Rumble seat before folding.

  • Justin McCarthy - Great stuff!

    High quality tea tree oil. Good for fighting acne by keeping pores clean and your skin moisturized. I have had some breakouts and this oil gets the job done by cleaning my skin. Its also an anticeptic so it fights infections which thats what zits essentially are. So its good at keeping your skin clear! Great stuff will buy again!

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