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  • Dubois - Cured my periodontal disease

    My dentist told me I had periodontal disease, with quite a few 6mm or more pockets in my gums. She wanted me to undergo 'deep cleaning' aka root planing. The thought of that made me sick, not to mention the horrendous cost involved. I bought this water pik and I used it every morning for a year, and added anti-bacterial mouth wash to the water. My teeth feel really clean after every use, and I usually notice bits of food getting washed away that my toothbrush couldn't get. Anyway, a year later I went back for my dental check up and there was no sign of periodontal disease any more, my gum pockets were all within normal healthy readings. Seriously, I am not making this up, I just want to tell people what a con deep cleaning is and how good water piks are. Maybe, it wouldn't work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. It's got to be worth trying before submitting yourself to intensive gum laceration!

  • Lux Daniels - This product was one of the best that I have found

    I received Keeva’s Deep Conditioning 5-in-1 Hair Mask a few days ago. I have found it hard to find a deep conditioner that works well for my hair. My hair is very dry and slightly damaged from being colored for many years. This product was one of the best that I have found. The first time I used the product, I noticed I needed to use quite a bit of it. My hair just seemed to absorb it. After my hair dried, it was a bit softer than before. It only lasted a short time. The second time that I noticed I did not need to use as much and it softness seems to be lasting longer.

  • Colin Miles - ravaged by time!

    - concert was quite o.k. - a buy considering two segments and fine picture and sound quality - first segment was personally not as vibrant as second - were better on 'Hall of Fame' concert

  • S. Felton - IRULU did not work for me

    Since the tablet would not come on but twice, it is hard to give a complete review. If you are wanting to get on the internet and play's an okay tablet. If you are wanting to use it without a cord for more than an's a horrible tablet. I left this tablet charging for 24-48 hours and went to turn it on and it would not power up. I let it charge for another hour and it still would not come on. I have read several issues like mine online so I think that this must be a problem with this tablet not just a random thing. I have returned the item for a full refund from the company. I was very disappointed as this was my "black friday" special purchase and now I am having to return it because of no fault of my own.

  • Yaffa F. Rabin - Great program-not like any other

    I have enjoyed using this program and it is not like anything else that i have done. It is empowering, and it is supportive of parents in getting their needs met as they raise their children. It was just what i needed for my 17 year old when i thought i was at my wits end. It doesn't change the child's personality but it makes living with them workable and manageable.

  • Luis Vasquez - Beautiful and Compatible with a MacBook!

    The screen is larger than I expected but that's probably because I didn't look at the measurements described. Overall, the monitor is strong with a sturdy base and beautiful display screen. Also, it works with a MacBook Pro. Thank you!

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