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  • James - Loved it.

    I was saving up for an engagement right, but then I saw it and realized how s***ty my life was that I couldn't even blow through my entire savings to buy a chord. So I bought it and laughed at myself in the mirror for hours each day until it arrived through the mail. Once I opened the box it was so finely packaged that I myself treated my pants to a package. So here I am in the doctors office licking this chord writing this comment so I can finally live my life the way I wanted to. Find an excuse to buy this for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

  • Leah - Wishing I used it sooner!

    I had purchased this a long time ago and never gotten around to using it. I recently found it again about a month ago and decided to give it a shot. I have struggled with acne for a large part of my life and nothing had seemed to work, including prescription medication I had gotten from my dermatologist. Like I said, it has been about a month now and I can already see a major difference in my skin. I feel good enough about it to go without make-up half the time now. I wish I had used it when I purchased!

  • amber - Really works!

    My daughter got head lice two years ago on Christmas morning, we found them nasty buggers! Which was right after opening all presents. Immediately I had a anxiety attack! so I got my happy butt in the car and headed to Walgreens( thank God they were open p.s. sorry for shopping on Christmas morning!) spent $300, which was the biggest waste of money and the poor Walgreens workers time! The otc lice killer does not work( only real solution is to put the child under a bright light and hand pick and comb each strand, yes each strand). As we bagged up the whole house including their new unwrapped Christmas presents to control the lice for 4 weeks my children were devastated with the biggest horse tears you can imagine! I then called a doctor the next day and they prescribed a medication. yes it killed all the lice but also fried my daughters hair and mine as well cause yes I got them nasty buggers too. When I called the school to inform them of the lice they told me they could not make a announcement about headlice it was against Florida law. It dawned on me that right before Christmas break the whole class had a sleep over movie day and wore pjs and brought in pillows and blankets, I was mortified (never again just never again)! So needless to say she got head lice again. Her hair was so long and thick it went down to her behind. After 3 months of on and off lice infestation because the school would not announce anything because once again its against Florida law if it is not a hazardous infestation ( I beg to differ it was hazardous from all the chemicals we tried and the medications and the stress and money it cost some of is parents). I spoke with her teacher and she did a head check, which by the way could have cost her her job! We found out from her teacher the whole class of 21 students were infested with them nasty buggers. So I ended up using mayo with a bag tied on her head overnight to suffocate the lice and then rinsed with vinegar because they cant stand the smell and it helps to lossen the eggs( yes I have loads of info on headlice lol 3 months of research) it took me 4-5 hours to go through every single strand of her head and then cut her hair to her shoulders which was very emotional for both of us because she has never had a hair cut until then and she was getting ready to turn 9. I started using a conditioner spray a friend told me about to repel the lice. The name of this miracle spray...Fairy Tale Lice Repel. Since then we have been lice free even when she has been surrounded by kids infested with lice. These are the products you must have! including a nice big bottle of wine for the lice picker! Best of luck to you and your family and don't feel bad lice mostly attrack to clean hair! I sure hope this list can save you the energy, stress and time that I had lost! p.s. there's a new out break of lice so check your child's hair everyday and use that fairy tale lice repel everyday!

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