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  • J. Wolfe - Worked for Senior

    I bought these for an older friend who was lacking energy. They seemed to fill in where he needed, to help raise his daily endurance. I rated the product a four because this is from observation of someone else, not my personal experience. He doesn't communicate very well.

  • C. LOCICERO - Intriguing information

    What an eye opener! I will read and re-read but am definitely taking selenium to avoid Altzheimers and copper to avoid an aneurism every day! Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian first, was in research, and proceed to become a medical doctor. His reasoning is fascinating and the fact that some reviews say there is no medical foundation in his teachings is amusing. Of course there isn't! He's the first one to put it all together!

  • Melissa Mccalley - Alpha gpc

    I decided to try this product because when I was 15 I was misdiagnosed with ADHD. I have taken Adderall for 18 years! Adderall started to make me feel numb and I had started to lose my feelings. I was almost like a zombie. Unfortunately when I tried to come off of the Adderall I found I could hardly think by myself anymore. My memory was gone. I was really sluggish and I found it really really hard to even manage daily tasks because I was like my brain had stopped functioning. This product has truly helped me to think clearly and function on my own again! I feel so much more alert and I am finally able to function normally again not to mention I feel so happy and not all zombied out like I did when I was on the Adderall. This is definitely a great product coming from a great company! I am so please I purchased this product as I am normally very picky on what I choose.

  • jane wang park - DONT BUY IT

    DON'T BUY the 2011. I have had quicken 2009 and quickbook 2009 and upgraded to the quickbook 2011. I used to be able to download credit card transactions and now I can do that. They are starting to charge me for credit card charges now. I HATE QUICKBOOKS, but it works the best for my needs. I wish there was a another option!

  • The Fox - All the ENERGY!!!

    WHEW!!!!!! This stuff packs a wallop.....I used to have couple of cups of coffee before my runs in the morning around 5:30AM and that took a lot of time even with the K-Cup. So I wanted to start training and trimming the fat and I did some research everyone recommended this stuff right here. I don't need coffee anymore and this stuff seems to last all day. I will admit the first 3 days I had some weird stomach feelings when I took it with a full glass of water. So now when I get done with the run I have a protein shake about 20 minutes after and I feel great. I saw some reviews on here that were telling people it gave the jitters and the weird feelings of paranoia. I can tell you that is not true. You will definitely feel a huge boost of energy when you start taking it that lasts throughout the day. I feel great and I want to tell you that it is an excellent alternative to coffee in the morning. Hope this helps

  • Sandra Doane - Well organized text. The examples were clear and the ...

    Well organized text. The examples were clear and the directions on how to proceed well written. I received a code with the text, but I had a hard time getting the on-line information to work with the text. For whatever reason, the on-line code wanted me to enroll with a class - however, I was using the text to self-teach. I did not have an instructor-led class. Again, the on-line code did not provide any real help, but the text really does walk you through the steps for Office 2013.

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