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  • Nicole Merrill - Best Koozie Ever!

    Most amazing koozie ever! A regular beer can fits inside perfectly and is very easy to put in. This will keep your beer cold for hours if it takes you that long to drink it! I love that you don’t have to freeze it or do anything but slide your drink in. It is made of stainless steel so it is very strong and will last for many many years. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the perfect koozie. It would be a great gift or something to buy for yourself!

  • Rick Hoyler - Good Panel

    Panel is good and I like it however it does have some issues with the switches not working properly. Any switch that has two switches in FSX it will only work one switch at a time. It will just take time to work out the bugs. I love Saitek products and the support staff is great.

  • suzanne smith - Anti-Aging Device A Disappointment

    I am disappointed with this device . In other words it does not meet my expectations. First of all when I use the device it creates age spots and then I need to buy creams to get rid of the age spots. The age spots do not seem to disappear with usage of the device. The Siruis device has a different head for getting rid of age spots , rejuvenating the skin and another head for getting rid of small wrinkles. I think this device would be more efficient. Secondly, it is difficult to obtain the lubricant to use with the device and so it is sometimes difficult to get the device to glide across the skin. The machine does not work well at the side of the face where there are crows feet. The results seem to be effective but by the next day it seems that we are back at square one. Overall I do not recommend this device.

  • rhys26 - Old, abused, used engine is still kicking!!

    We drive a heavily abused, by prior owner, old Jeep Grand Cherokee. She is old, amd she shows it. Stock parts that have lasted almost 20 years are starting to go. So when we decided we need to address her oil leak without actually fixing the problem (she has bigger issues) for a bit, we turned to this. We originally used as directed on the bottle and she stopped leaking so much, and ran a little smoother. When the radiator therm blew and a mechanic friend was helping me get it replaced he mentioned our oil leak and that we should get to it. After the laundry list of what needed to get done first he advised that we stop messing around with conventional oil amd just use straight Lucas'. We have ever since. The leak is minimal now, and my engine is doing great.

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