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  • Vincent - Great thin and light case that still provides drop protection!

    I recently acquired a Black iPhone 7 Plus. I must say, I am liking the phone, but the problem with getting the newest phone on the market is the distinct lack of accessories. The iPhone is IP67 certified water resistant, but in drop tests, it showed its lack of sapphire glass pretty quickly. Based on what I have seen I am positive that in one or two drops it would need a new screen. That means I needed a good case for it, and fast.

  • robynarbo - Great for the whole family!

    What a great game! There are so many different genres and songs to choose from our family of four can't get enough. Plus I got this on Amazon when it was sold out of every local store!

  • Jordan Winar - Top 5 Business Books I have ever read

    This book is in a class of its own. The style of writing is similar to a novel but the content will reshape the way you think about business. I will recommend this book to anyone not just business because it helps you find the true goal behind what you are doing and then work through the process to achieve it. It is practical for business and personal use!

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