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  • Khi Khi - Awesome

    These are wonderful, they work so well and the added Vitamin C gives that added protection. Easy to swallow and no side effects!!

  • Beth Wilson - Works fast!

    Does exactly what it says it does. I've been having issues with dryness and itch. Creams weren't helping at all. Then I came across this product this month. After a few days, I've been so much more comfortable. Itch is gone and I just feel fresher. Amazing. Wish I had found this supplement years ago.

  • Amazon Customer - Completely useless led comb

    completely useless unless you want to suntan the hairs on your head , maybe its a good workout by holding your arms above your head for ages

  • Mars - Easy, worth the money

    It works and its easy, adds processing and memory to UNES8000 series TV, nice new SMART interface. Worth the money

  • Bocachic - Felt prepared with this book

    Kaplan's book is very user-friendly and the tips on each question type are great - there are no surprises on the GRE exam if you prepare with this book. The vocab words and math review at the end are super helpful. I also felt the strategies for the writing portion of the test are great and equip you no matter what topic you get. The CD was also super easy to use and helped with practice questions/the computer format a TON!

  • Endevour32 - Good for her not for him

    Great stuff, my girlfriend lives it, it knocks her right out after about 30 minutes, but I doesn't work for me in fact it keeps me up, many different brands of sleeping pills will do that to some people, I have tried several, so I take NyQuil, that knocks me out when I can't sleep

  • Dewitt Glasgow - Quicken 2012 Manual

    I had never used Quicken before so needed a grounding in the basics. That's why I bought this manual and proceeded to read it through, skipping the parts covering features that I would not be using. I had used MS Money previously and this manual had a helpful section for such users. I have used Quicken for almost two years now and often refer to the manual. One of my few complaints about it is the index is not always as useful as I would like. Several times I have tried to look for items under what seemed to me to be appropriate headings but couldn't find any listed.

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