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  • ActionXPotential - Great Game with Some Flaws

    For those who have been around the battlefield community since Battlefield 1942, simply put, Battlefield 1 is a refreshing look back into its roots. Now armed with a better sense of what makes game-play fun, in addition to insane graphics, and interactive map design, this game offers a fluent, immersive experience that elegantly integrates every aspect of the battlefield into play. As addicting as this game-play may be, there are, however, major shortcomings to the larger flow of the game, which if uncorrected will inevitably lead to a crash in the Battlefield 1 community.

  • B. Speer - Nice Messenger Bag Extra Small and Medium

    Bought the extra small size. Suspect it is the same details except the size of bag. **addendum: All the pockets are proportionate to the bag size. Just received medium. Pockets are more numerous and larger than XS. Much better for my big hands. Medium is big but not as big as expected. For my 6'2" it is ideal. Shop carefully as you increase size price does not increase proportionately when on sale.

  • stayty - Top notch

    Easy to install and fits my 2011 GMC Terrain perfectly. Operates smoothly and keeps my goodies out of sight.

  • Toni Talks - This stuff really IS amazing!

    I have arthritis in my feet and hands & they hurt constantly. I rub this on both my hands and feet and the inflamation goes away in about 20 min and so does the pain. Absolutely amazing stuff. I have tried everything before , thank goodness someone told me about this stuff. I have also started taking it orally and I notice that I am more regular, and also I have all this energy that I never had before. I am waking up earlier and wanting to get up instead of sleeping in late.

  • Mandy Grace - Great Fashion Magazine

    Marie Claire is my favorite fashion magazine because of the fashion and the articles. They actually have interesting articles. I am not 20 yrs old anymore but I feel I can read this magazine and relate to it the same as younger women. Also, Project Runway is one of my favorite shows so I look forward to seeing them in the magazine. Actually I started reading Marie Claire because of it's affiliation with Project Runway.

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