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  • Mike - Try to get info from them.

    I requested a MSDS from them to see what hazardous chemicals may be in it. If it requires a glove to protect you, I want to make sure it is the correct type of glove. Exposure to certain chemicals requires a certain glove.

  • Sally Bondy - So much fun and very addictive..

    This game is very addictive. Just as much fun as the original. There is one ad when you load, quickly gone by clicking the X so no problems there. I even found daily puzzles that I didn't know would be therr. Yeah, I have a 2 day streak. Total thumbs up...

  • James R. - My new hair growth!

    Nice product. My wife and I have been taking it to increase the silica in our bodies. We have been told most everyone is lacking in this. My wife says since I have started taking it my balding spot on the back of my head is filling in. She is so excited! I don't care but since she loves it I will keep it up. Also my wife has noticed her knees not hurting as much. Look it up, this stuff is suppose to do a lot for your health. Regards, James

  • M. Adelman - Solves both problems and makes my hair soft afterward. Love it, Highly recommended.

    I use this as my daily shampoo for my hair. This is by far the best remedy for my Dandruff. As a man we don't like to add conditioner and shampoo in the shower, this solves both problems and makes my hair soft afterward. Love it, Highly recommended.

  • Antonia A. Acevedo - My son loves drinking pediasure

    This is something my son loves. Its pediasure he takes such a delight in drinking it. His been drinking prediasure for many years and it has help when he doesnt want to eat anything or not feeling well.

  • bstrain - Disappointed in Quality.

    My granddaughter enjoyed the Mamaroo but After only 2 months of limited use it has stopped working. It was not mishandled or had anything happen that would cause damage. I have contacted the seller. I am waiting to hear back from them on what can be done. This is too expensive an item to not last any longer than 2 months.

  • brian de alwis - Not perfect for the Cruz

    We purchased the tray for a Cruz. I'd give the tray itself a 5/5, but the Cruz adapters drag it down to a 3/5. We initially put the adapters above the seat mount point but, as other reviews pointed out, this leaves the tray too high except for big kids. Putting the Cruz adapters below the seat mount point, such that the release buttons are facing upwards, is much better though the tray now sits fairly far out. But we're pleased otherwise.

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