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  • Steven Smith - I'm a U. S. customer that received a ...

    I'm a U.S. customer that received a Product Key for Latin America. Found this problem while activating the package. No mention of this aggravating fact during the purchase. Microsoft could not help at all. I was instructed to return the Product Key to Amazon and purchase yet another. I can't wait to see what region I get next. Maybe this is why you can purchase a Product Key for $249 versus a digital download for $399.

  • EzyDzy - EzyDzy

    I bought this product for making greeting cards. I had used American Greeting Cards software on Window XP - which was the perfect program to me. It would not work on Win 7.

  • iamyourfather - Awesome filter, made my refrigerator better!

    I noticed the warning light on our refrigerator that our filter was about to expire and I was immediately aggravated.

  • Cory Johnson - Great for my 47" TV and now my 65" TV.

    I bought this two years ago for my LG 47" TV and it has worked great. We recently decided to upgrade to a Sony 4K 65" TV and I was uncertain if this thing would be able to hold it. I wasn't concerned with the weight because the TV only weighs 50 lbs but I still had concerns because the description only says up to 55" TVs. So, I did what anybody in my situation would do: I sat my 6 year old boy (who weighs 50 lbs) on the outstretched arm of the mount. Lest anyone think I am a terrible parent, I was standing there with my hands under his arms in case the thing gave out. To my delight, the thing didn't even budge, so I decided I would take the gamble. My new 65" TV is holding up great thanks to this beauty. Highly recommended.

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