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  • alex sobol - it'll rock your world

    love this stuff, gives me plenty of energy have sex 4-5 times plus morning sex works as promised, orgasms are even more intense. i take one a day, but take on extra one for that extra bang

  • Srdjan R - How to relive an epic journey

    The Fall Classic brings out the best of this beautiful game. For me, as a fan of the sport, it makes no real difference who plays, I try to watch as many games as I can, regular, exhibition, all star, playoffs. I watched the Angels ascending, Red Sox break their curse, the Fish stylin' all over, the Fear the Beard gimmick etc. There's something else when you watch "your" team, I've also watched how the Tigers collapsed, and now this. Maybe it's just that this season's ups and downs synced with the ups and downs I had last year and the comeback and never-say-die are the key motives in this picture. You can feel the roller coaster before every game, during every game, and after every game, in a spectacular culmination when Freese unleashed it, making one final statement that you should never give up.

  • Meredith L. Fahey - ... my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing

    After the first session of my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing. Then I stumbled upon this stuff and decided to try it out. I was impressed. My tattoo healed in half the time, without the mess of thicker ointments. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • Dirt Nasty - I would look for a better set

    My first issue with these wrenches was that the holder for these wrenches was broken when I received them. I am also having a lot of trouble with how short the smaller wrenches are. I needed the 8mm and 10mm wrenches for minor maintenance on my little Honda, and these wrenches simply will not provide the leverage needed to loosen a tiny brake line bleeder, or a small belt tensioner. I blame myself for not purchasing a better wrench set.

  • Linda Davis - there are some good stories in this collection and I hate to be ...

    Obviously, there are some good stories in this collection and I hate to be overly critical because I want people to read more short stories. But I knew with Jennifer Egan as the judge there would be a fair amount of "showing off," and, in my opinion, there is too much. I like a great voice in a short story and with this batch, the emphasis is more on "cool" and "male" and big words. Last year's, with Elizabeth Strout as the editor, was far better.

  • chrisla - Is this thing tilted?

    You get what you pay for... The mount is cheaply made, and despite the upright being perfectly level the TV ends up sort of tilted. The arm sags under the weight of the 32 TV on it. It has an adjustment, but if you adjust it for being right while pulled in (no sag) it ends up being off when it is pulled out (compensating for sag). I'd say pass on this and get a better quality one.

  • Aeneas - What Happened to Ouija?

    The novelty of a Glow-In -The -Dark Ouija is appealing, and works for me. But why has Hasbro downsized this Ouija and given us a planichet that has sticky feet (use to be felt, now rubber) and will break in half when stressed. The Board has been made so musch smaller, and feels like Contact paper on Heavy Cardboard. I'm not impressed, if you can find one at a garage sale go for it!

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