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  • Donald Riley - My wife likes using my razors because she feels men razors are sharper but she doesn't like how it doesn't handle sensitive skin

    I have been through a razor or two in my day. I had brought a pack of f-blade razors from a well-known company at a well known superstore. My wife likes using my razors because she feels men razors are sharper but she doesn't like how it doesn't handle sensitive skin. That all change with these razors. They have an excellent moisturizer strip which makes the blades glide across areas without the ouch factor. They are so smooth, we both didn't realize the have SIX, yes SIX blades. We donated our other razors we purchased from that superstore and now use these razors exclusively. Try it. There was also an issue with delivery of my first set which was lost. One email to the company and without any questions they took care of us. Great product--great service. Do yourself and your family a favor. Get a set. You'll be glad you did.

  • Alvaro - I'm not a super fan of the first Ghostbusters

    I'm not a super fan of the first Ghostbusters .. so there is nothing against the actors, script or movie in general .. I'm just a fan of good movies and this is not one of them. I really want the movie to end around halftime.. because was so boring..

  • Michael D. Witowich - Simplify by Bill Hybels

    Do you remember a time when life felt so much simpler to you? Maybe you can't or perhaps your recollection of your toddler years has faded into the distance. And, if so, you're not alone. Most people I know find life anything but simple. And, whether Christian or non-Christian alike, this lack of simplicity affects everyone and can have a dramatic impact on our ability to function and enjoy our lives. Bill Hybels new book Simplify, addresses the quest for simplicity and offers helpful suggestions on moving into a less stressful and easier way of living.

  • Sarah G - Working for me!

    Was very skeptical but desperate to get weight off. Couldn't afford Nutrimost so tried this. It's been 4 weeks and I'm down 18 lbs. Lost 9 the first week and then 2-3lbs each week after. Biggest surprise for me is that I'm able to stick to the strict regimen without giving up. I followed another reviewers advice of 2 lean proteins 2 vegetables and 2 fruits a day. No fats oils dairy or complex carbs at all. No sugar or sugar substitutes except stevia. This sounds very hard but once you start it's very doable.

  • JERRI LYNN SCOTT - Babies will love this water mat

    This baby play mat will help your baby gain strength in his upper chest and arms. Just inflate the outside ring and I put warm water in it since the baby lays against it to play with the fish and the stars. There are several colors for them to look at and they will love the way things move around while they attempt over and over to catch the fish and the stars.

  • Thomas Family - Works well- but don't use before the gym

    This is a really nice hot cream for cellulite treatment – but it does get very warm so I don't recommend it before a workout.

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