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  • Rebecca Bogan - Calms the savage beast

    My dog is a 120 lb. St. Bernard mix who is scared of a lot of random things (storms, people coming to the house, aluminum foil, etc.....really random). When I put the shirt on him, it's like he goes into a trance. It soothes him to the point where he'll sleep or rest as long as he's wearing it.

  • Samurai2 - You've made us remember why we loved this show in the first place

    Ok Shonda I forgive you for last season. Give credit where it's due, season 12 rocks! You've made us remember why we loved this show in the first place. I was preparing myself for the show to last two years max and now I think we may be watching it five years plus. Five stars and a big thanks for convincing us to stick around. But please don't kill anyone else Shonda. We all get that life turns on a dime but enough carnage please.

  • Used to be an HR Block Fan - No support

    A problem with the code in the Business portion of the software prevented it from opening on my computer. After 1.5 hours on hold, yes, 1.5 hours on hold, HR Block support staff indicated I shouldn't have purchased the software through Amazon, and as result, they could not help me. In a totally unsolicted aside, HR Block support staff further indicated that they don't support their software if it is purchased from Best Buy. So the message is, buy directly from H & R Block. I have used H & R Block software for many years. I am shocked at how they dropped the ball.

  • Amazon Customer - Very cool little computer

    Very cool little computer. If you are looking for something to do basic processing and web streaming then this device works perfectly. Met my expectations.

  • Ted Santos - Best Anti Virus

    I had to take my computer to a repair store and asked the manager what is the best Anti Virus software. He told me Kasepersky so I have been using it and never had a problem. Easy to install and works fine for me.

  • Westcoast123 - I love this product

    I love this product. When my local pet supplier stopped carrying it, I tried every other product they had. Several attempts with other products never worked as well as this one. We have a cat who has gone on the carpet in one spot over and over and on hard surfaces like the bathroom floor and our hardwood. This product works way better than anything else so far. We have had to use 2 or 3 applications in an area that the cat had used a few times, but it did get the smell out. I can't say it keeps the cat from using that spot again. The only thing I have tried and seems to deter the cat from a particular area is if I spray orange oil around an area she has used. Just a thin film of orange oil and she stops using that spot.

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