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  • SoCali - Did not work....

    Was really hoping this product would work as I have been developing Arthritis in my hands and upper shoulder area (Dr. diagnosis) after trying this for 3 months, no help in relief at all, it may work for someone else, unfortunately it didn't for me. So I am currently trying organic vitamins along with a new stretching regime to assisting with relief, too soon to tell it this remedy will work, but I will continue to try until finding a formula that works.

  • DJ KenDawg - Difficult right out of the box

    With next to no explanation or tutorial, this product is quite difficult to use; especially if you are used to another program. This software is also laborious when it comes to scoring more rare instruments (alto flute, E-Flat Flute, Subcontrabass Clarinet, etc). You can put them on the staff, but then you have to configure their transposition, and that can be a pain, especially when there are other software makers (Sibelius) out there that do include the more rare instrumentation pre-loaded and will even do all of the transposition work for you. I'm returning my copy.

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