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  • Alicia Perk - So cool!!!

    I got the gloom F1 virtual reality goggles and they are so awesome!!! The first time I tried them and I loved them right away it feels like you are in the app literally!!! Easy to put the straps on and comes all put together. I got this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbasied review.

  • judith - Great product to stop mold.

    This product is amazing. Just follow the directions on the bottle and remove all visible mold before applying this product. I have used it in our shower, on our trex deck and on white PVC fencing. I can not tolerate the smell of bleach or other strong chemicals and this is fine for me to use. It really stops mold from coming back when used as directed.

  • C. Peters - It works!

    My worries are over. My worries were created from the last product I bought from Amazon, and I mentioned the Trapper Keeper there:

  • stephen costa - Useful features removed, ugly interface, sometimes crashes

    I've just started using VS 2012, and so far have found it a major regression in appearance and ease of use.

  • Mommacar - Best home scent Aromatherapy system for the price!

    Love this product. Puts out a wonderful aroma with separately bought aromatic oils. Lasts a long time. Puts out just the perfect amount of scent for my master bedroom. My room is approximately 200 square feet. I'm planning on buying a second unit for my family room to have a great scent lightly running throughout the main portions of my home without have to have those glade plug ins everywhere and this way I can create my own unique scents with essential oils. Love the feature that it shuts itself off when it's out of water. I don't have to worry about it burning itself out or causing a fire. I love the option of running with the mood lighting or without it. Worth its price.

  • pam e j - wonderful product it really works!

    Me and this product go way back five years to be exact! I first learned of this product when I was searching for a hair product that would help my weak and broken hair. And when I tell you that I was very happy to have found it.

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