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  • michael momparler - over simplification of handling serious behavioral issues

    Common sense for sale; anything offered by this program you probably heard a thousand times from from various parents or came to realize from your own life experiences. Their suggestions (all common sense) are suitable for managing the many of the challenges of child rearing with normal, healthy children but it's absurd to believe that simple solutions and "tough love" (as advertised) will result in the behavioral changes for seriously emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children/adolescents AND to get these results over seven weeks. Give me a break! You buy/believe that then you deserve to waste your money on this crap.

  • Fady - Wrong item

    I bought the vivo 4.3 with jelly bean but I received the old version the ice cream which is not what I need

  • Thomas H - I would not recommend this.

    The mounting depth on this box was not the same as described. Had to modify to fit. I would not recommend this.

  • J. Smith - A multi-purpose miracle product!

    I wanted to wait longer before writing a review, but it's hard to deny the health benefits that I'm seeing after taking this stuff for only two months.

  • Angela Lykins - Don't waste your money.

    I bought this for my father who has low vision. Unfortunately this product does not work well at all. He spent 10 minutes on one fingernail and it did nothing. Don't waste your money.

  • clare - ... tgat was sentvdid nit work it was solved through good customer service

    Even though the camera tgat was sentvdid nit work it was solved through good customer service. Have already recommended to a friend who has just bought a smart can

  • cmevans - BEWARE!

    Although it cooks wonderfully and my mother loved it, I had to take it away from her when I noticed the lid was melting. It sat on a countertop in her large pantry, in front of a window, no cabinets above or on either side; in other words, plenty of airflow, so this wasn't "user error."

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