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  • Louie J - Great Replacement

    Thank you Husky for making these mudguards. The OEM tacoma mudguards are defective and toyota wouldn't replace them. They charge a fortune for each for the same defective ones. I recently installed these front mudguards on my '07 tacoma and they fit perfectly. Just remember to buy the clips.

  • Valerie - Love using this hair product

    Love using this hair product. After rubbing in hair I can always get my hair to do what I want it to do. Love the smell, also.

  • Jhunki - Good product but eyewear should be included

    I would have given this product, more than 3 stars, if they had included a pair of safety glasses or some kind of eye-wear because the laser light is literally blinding so you kinda lose track of where you started and how much gap to give. So I ended up going over some places more than once. Safety glasses are a must at all the laser hair removal clinics, I have gone to. Otherwise, this product worked quite well. It was virtually painless where I had shaved but stung a bit on the areas that had a bit of stubble.

  • Zlatan - Worst PES ever.

    Have been playing PES/Winning 11 for many years now, never have I been so disappointed. The gameplay has completely been changed and is no longer recognizable. I tried really hard to give this game a chance but it is just full of way too many flaws. Most noticeable are the constant lags in the middle of games. Also switching between players is slow, their running speeds have diminished, and the new system of freekicks and throw-ins is just confusing. They tried far too hard to make this game realistic. Went back to PES 13 in a matter of days.

  • Carolyn - Excellent customer service

    The first bars we received were defective, and I was worried because we needed them within days for our trip. The customer service department is top-notch. They exchanged my bars within one day, and they worked perfectly on our 700+ mile road trip. They are easy to install and very sturdy. I would not hesitate to save money and purchase these cross bars.

  • D. Ebben - I liked the Chromebook 2 first edition, and I LOVE the 2015 Edition

    I've had the 2014 edition of the Chromebook 2 for almost a year -and love it- but when I heard about the 2015 Edition having a backlit keyboard and more power, I had to get it. Just yesterday received the 2015 Edition, and my first impression is great. The keyboard backlight and extra power are nice, but I was surprised that the keyboard also 'feels' and types better. And it seems a touch thinner and lighter as well. The more I use this Chromebook, I find that it is replacing both the desktop computer AND the tablet as my go-to devices. It's small, light and the battery lasts all day. It boots up super fast and never needs 'updating'. And that screen! Oops I better shut up; I'm starting to sound like a commercial.....

  • Jazmyn D - It's a NYT best-seller for a reason.

    For those of you who don't know, Luvvie is a long-time blogger and one of my favorites. I've been following her blog for years so when she announced that she was releasing a book this year I just knew I had to read it. I was ready to pre-order it before I knew what it was going to be about, and I wasn't the only one. There are quite a few of us in the LuvvNation and most of us felt the same way. We knew that Luvvie would remain true to her authentic self and she confirmed what I'd been thinking when she announced that the book would be more like an extension of her blog. She'd be touching on topics that she's no stranger to, but going more in depth and I praised Haysoos!

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