CIC Holdings - With a diverse portfolio in Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer Products, Crop Solutions and Services, we are driven by customer satisfaction and new technology, harnessing human resource potential for competitive advantage, adding stakeholder value, quality of life and environment.

  • CIC Holdings - Contact us - CIC Holdings PLC, 199 Kew Road, Colombo 2, 011-2328421, 011-2359359, [email protected], [email protected]
  • CIC Holdings - Our company - The vision is to be an innovative group of companies creating value through effective fulfilment of market needs
  • CIC Holdings - Our History - Initially known as Imperial Chimical Industries (ICI) due its function as a branch office of Imperial Chemical Industires UK, CIC has had an eventful history of over 45 years
  • CIC Holdings - Our Philosophy - CIC builds itself on 8 key pillars that stand for what CIC represents and values. Our philosophy is the cornerstone upon which CIC is created and will strive towards
  • CIC Holdings - Message From CEO - In the past 20 years CIC has transformed itself from a company that supplied and distributed chemicals, into a leading leading supplier of fruits, vegetables, poultry, seed paddy, rice, day old chicks, milk, milk products and eggs. Our operations now straddle the manufacture, the distribution and the sale of food products, directly to the consumer and to other institutions including supermarkets, Iicreasing business and consumer confidence.
  • CIC Holdings - Agriculture & Livestock - Nurturing growth, CIC works closely with farmers and growers to enhance their incomes and develop the industry. We provide support and expert advice on the use of agricultural equipment, selection of fertiliser and animal medications, technical knowledge and better farm management practices. The fruitful relationships we have built with those in the plantation industry, foliar exporters and government institutes have all played in CIC's succes.
  • CIC Holdings - Homecare - Names like Dulux and Chemifix are renowned and recognised in homes throughout the country, living up to their reputation for quality by ensuring the use of the best products in manufacturing to secure and safety of our customers and the environment.
  • CIC Holdings - Sustainability - A systematic approach to sustainability ensures the triple bottom line stays in the line of vision and innovation, and systems and processes and cutting edge technology form the foundation of our sustainability ethos
  • CIC Holdings - Careers - As a leader in Sri Lanka's agribusiness, food production, FMCG, and chemical industries, we develop professionals who share our commitment to growth, quality, and integrity. We set the foundation for their success by giving our employees industry-best facilities, training and rewards.

    Country:, Asia, LK

    City: 79.8478 Western Province, Sri Lanka

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