CIPRODEX® Otic - Find instructions on using CIPRODEX® Otic and access instant savings for eligible patients, dosing information and games for kids.

  • CIPRODEX® Otic Instant Savings and Rebate Offer - Learn how you can receive instant savings on your CIPRODEX® Otic prescription.
  • Ear Infection Types - Learn more about an outer ear infection and a middle ear infection with tubes, and how it can affect your child.
  • CIPRODEX® (ciprofloxacin 0.3% and dexamethasone 0.1%) Sterile Otic Suspension | DROPS101™ Web Tool – Dosing Help - CIPRODEX® Otic DROPS101™ Web Tool. Dosing tools for CIPRODEX® Otic, an effective treatment for your child’s ear infection.
  • CIPRODEX® Otic Video Library - Access videos that explain how to dose for an outer ear infection or middle ear infection with tubes using CIPRODEX® Otic.
  • Illustrated Guide for CIPRODEX® Otic - View an illustrated guide for step-by-step dosing instructions for CIPRODEX® Otic.
  • CIPRODEX® Otic Dosing Games - Play dosing games aimed to distract kids while administering CIPRODEX® Otic.

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  • NM74 - Easy to fit

    Easy to fit, only have experienced noise in severe winds, which would happen anyway - otherwise dead quiet. Had minor issue with one bar moving slightly under slight weight, but was fine after re-tightening.

  • Isaac - A LED-lit 1440p IPS 25" monitor that's solid and less expensive than most

    Forewarning that I don't have that much experience or expertise with monitors besides the crammed research I did over the last week. But I had an Asus MX279H for a few days, which I hear is an amazing monitor with great picture quality from a reliable company, so at least I have a relative point of comparison.

  • meek46 - shock

    I don't see this working to better my abs but only time will tell with one control.Only one of my controls works. Sometime the one controler that works shocks me.

  • Glenda B. - never again

    I tried multiple times, even used a timer to insure I rinsed enough. left my hair feeling extremely heaving, didn't feel clean and was very frizzy and tangled up, plus left my scalp itching. my hair felt greasy at my scalp and dry and brittle on the ends. I will not buy this product again.

  • Mark Whitehead - A new favorite - pearl mask

    Maybe it's because I have unusually blotchy skin but I am totally doing this mask all the time! I absolutely love it! It's moisturizing and firming and I think my blotches are disappearing. I still have to do it more times but I definitely see myself buying more of these because this is the area where my face needs the work.

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