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  • Joseph O. - Fix it Sony!

    I hope that Sony does some firmware updates to make the camera be able to resolve people better. I bought the game for my daughter, and most of the time it won't see her playing by herself, much less playing with multiple people

  • Juliana Calil Ramos Starling - A very good book.

    The book is very interesting. It's clear that the author did indepth research on the topic and added special revelation he received first hand from God. His description of symbols and rituals used by occultism is also very informative. In overall it's a great book. My only criticism is that I wish he had stated more clearly what he thinks will take place until the end of the year. He does suggest it but I felt a little frustrated because I had expected a more well delineated revelation.

  • J. Good - Excellent book, however it ignores those in the middle

    A truly fascinating read, which provides comprehensive data, and analysis of lives of the upper and lower extremes of our society, much of which came as a surprise to me. I did not know many of the specific ways in which things have changed in the United States over the past several decades.

  • Tom Judd - Great stuff

    I tried this oil a while ago. I got it from me repair guy, he says it's all he uses and he services all types of equipment. I felt it solves all the various oil to gas ratios that I need and is the best for the enviroment and a lot less smoke.

  • Nick D - Great product that really works (be careful to clean it up thoroughly)

    I used this after I found the flea bombs only worked for a couple of days. This gets at the other stages of the flea's life cycle (egg, larva, etc). It takes a bit of work moving everything around and vacuuming it up, but it has worked for a couple months now. I did the upstairs and then the basement and garage. Be careful to vacuum it all up. One of my dogs decided that some residual powder I missed was tasty and she had an irritated throat which she treated by eating grass and weeds and throwing up for a couple of days. She was fine after that, but I am more careful now to vacuum and even mop after using it.

  • Amazon Customer - Meh.

    Meh, buttons are hard and feels odd. Case is not at all scratch resistant, literally scratched in my pocket and no nothing was in there, just the phone. Looks and feels cheap. Does not do a gpodjob hiding the piece that connects the clear back with the bumper killing the seamless feeling. Only worth about $8.

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