COBRE - MDI Biological Laboratory - The COBRE grant builds upon and expands the Institution’s unique scientific expertise, providing support for junior scientists as they establish independent, extramurally funded research programs.

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  • Linda Economos - Was a great Christmas present for my sister, she always talked about Wilson.

    I didn't even know these were made until I worked at Amazon and saw one come through. I knew it had her name written all over it.

  • Karen Hoff - Love Isagenix

    I did the 30 day program about 2 years ago, more for the cleansing benefit than the weight loss. Surprisingly, I was able to stick to it for the full 30 days and this was November - yes, I still had a Thanksgiving and was still able to stick to it. By the end, the liquid cleanse days were so easy I stretched the last into 3 days and felt fine. I like the taste of the shake but the juice is gross - I would shoot it like alcohol and chase it with water. I felt great the whole time I was on it (and after!). The best part was when the cravings left me. I did not have another craving for anything probably for a year, the weight I lost also stayed off for about a year. During the "meal" days you get to eat regular food (within reason), and the cleanse days I found to be tolerable if I followed the instructions to the letter because it is designed to keep your blood sugar level stable so you don't feel hungry. I highly recommend the product! Word of warning though - you don't drink any alcohol for obvious reasons while cleansing. When you finish the 30 days, be VERY careful with alcohol consumption (I was not and sorely regretted it) - your liver is fresh and new after this and it is like taking your first drink. It will hit you like a wall if you are not careful.

  • Michelle Castagnola - Expensive, but satisfied.

    I was also roped into buying this product at the mall, like many of the other people who have written reviews. I have combination skin, with acne on my cheeks, occasional break outs on my forehead and sides of my chin. I've been using proactiv for years, but it recently stopped working for me.

  • diamond - Exuviance

    This is the best night creme I have ever used. I can see the difference. My face is smoother and the lines are less visible. I love this product!!

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