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  • amybobamy - Cheaply Made, Glued-Together Junk

    The item arrived and out of thebox I discovered that the touch pad was already unglued. It went back together nicely when I pushed it back, but I have never seen a piece of techology that was primarily glued in place. Touch pad is very poor -- either insensate in areas or misreads location. However I gotithe thig fora low enough price that I will simply use it as a color e-reader or entertainment for children when on the road (for those apps that do load -- OS is ICS 4.0.4, and some such as FB and SKPE do not seem to be loading at all.) It does seem to be more sensitive to the stylus than to a finger.

  • Can-You-See-Me-Now - I use it every year.

    I've used these guys instead of other services for years and am happy with the software product. It will stop you from making mistakes and is easy enough to use.

  • Frequent Shopper - Great review book has all you need really

    Great review book has all you need really. The book does have quite a few errors, but if you know your material you can catch them. The tear out review pages were great too. Got over a 35 on the MCAT using only this book to study for months as well as all the official AAMC practice tests

  • Ian C. Muir - A beta test, not a consumer ready device

    I really wanted to like this laptop. We needed a second laptop for the family to use for checking email, surfing the web and watching the occasional video online. The Chromebook seemed like a good fit at first. It's inexpensive and the hardware, especially the keyboard, is quite good for the price. Unfortunately, the OS is really not ready yet and Google's support is lacking. Here's a quick list of the issues we've had:

  • Michael - Utterly worthless to me after 4 months,,,

    I waited 4 months before posting my results concerning this earthing "theory" just to be fair and give it a chance...

  • Drew Kap - Nice, when it works.

    So this is my first review ever on Amazon, I've been a buyer for years but never had to leave a review. I wanted to love this router, i really did. It's great looking, fast setup and the app to control other items on the network is a cool idea. BUT this product is so terrible it hasn't left me a choice but to leave a negative review. It drops connection constantly.

  • wade2u - Interesting mating

    This is an alien mating story. This mating was interesting because a human and alien experienced the same thing. The Knowing is what it is called. These two had different reactions since one knew what was happening and the other didn't. It was nice to read how they handled the difficulties and still came together with their feelings. Well worth reading.

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