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  • Michael Grace - Excellent Political Book

    This is one of the best presidential campaign books I have ever read since the Teddy White's "Making of the President" series. The facts in the book are sourced, the interviews are taped and accurate and no one from either political party has challenged the factual statements in the book. Balz had amazing access to the leading political candidates from both parties and their political hired hands who gave him lengthy interviews during the most pressure-packed moments of their campaign. I can only assume that Balz must be highly respected by both right-wing and mainstream political professionals. Most interesting is to read the interviews with candidates prior to their announcements, during and afterwards. The statements they make during these pre, during and post interviews are a combination of spin and scam. They are most candid, of course, after their candidacy crashed and burned. Even Romney's post election interview still shows a ting of "I can't believe I lost." Clearly, campaign methods have changed, but I wonder if any campaign will ever have the time and money to replicate what Obama's people did in 2014.

  • Troy Nicely - This was a perfect match, well priced for the product

    This was a perfect match, well priced for the product. I would recommend this to others as well. The product is built well and was packaged well and shipped on time and in a timely matter. Over Very SATIFIFIED with product, price, packaging, and shipping.

  • Aleks - Great gaming device, and an excellent value.

    This is a worthy upgrade from the excellent XBox 360. From a hardware perspective is very solid, but not revolutionary, but the OS and the games make a great experience. Sure, not all features are enabled, and there are some quirks, but we all know that these will be ironed out in time. Also, it's worth mentioning that the graphical gap between this and the 360 is less pronounced than between the 360 and the first XBox. I also own two Xbox 360's, a Playstation 3, a Playstation 4, and very powerful gaming PC (NVidia 780 GTX, etc.). Overall, I would give the PS4 4 stars because of how little it does beyond games, but in time, I believe they will even out. To the average consumer, this is an excellent gaming device at a great price. For comparison, I paid $650 for the graphics card alone in my PC, and and about $4,000 overall. My PC plays any current games at maximum settings, but overall is only marginally better than the XBox One.

  • Amazon Customer - The biology section and quantitative sections are very bad, the book does not cover all the areas ...

    This book has lots of unnecesary information in the biology section which not the focus of the newly formatted PCAT! The biology section and quantitative sections are very bad, the book does not cover all the areas needed, some topics are scarcely covered especially the CALCULUS SECTION and the biology section. This book does not prepare you for the new changes made to the PCAT EXAM. Kaplan is a rip off. I bought the book for my pcat and have regrets. I would not recommend this book, use DR. Collins

  • MakeupAZ - Hair one for dry hair, did ok, but not sure why they have alcohol as a 2nd & 3rd ingredient

    * Hair One, definitely feels moisturizing and hydrating, no suds, but then from another review I read that it has Alcohol as an ingredient, looked on the bottle and found:

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