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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Julie L - Perfect replacement for my mini van

    Perfect replacement for my mini van. Also, the price was right for the teenage driver who had to replace it!

  • Amanda K - Buy this album! :D

    I have always enjoyed One Republic, their albums always seem to have a different feel and I like that! I have already listened through the album twice and will probably again tonight!

  • AlexaRandall - Great for clearing pores, trying it on KP

    I'm very pleased with this product so far! It didn't sting, absorbed well and within a week or so helped clear some clogged pores I was getting in trouble areas around my nose and chin (even though I'm over 30!). I like that it has green tea as an anti-oxidant and to reduce inflammation, but a more specific reason that I decided to try it was that it DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONES (eg. dimethicone) which tend to aggravate my skin and unfortunately are present in most products! I also have a bit of sun discoloration, which this cream may have helped fade a little (due to the retinol & niacinamide I guess) - however this improvement was not as dramatic/fast as the clearing of the pores. However, I've only been using it for 3 weeks and will continue so this may be a longer term benefit. I was a little impatient and the beginning and applied it a few times a day which caused a little light peeling (but no redness). I now use it all over face in evening and on trouble spots (T-zone) in the morning, followed by a sunscreen. I've also tried (and liked) the clay Mask by the same company, which I use at night as a target spot treatment to dry out the occasional pimple and take away the redness.

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