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  • Ethan Clegg - A bit too ambitious for a 3DS game

    This game is a prequel to the Wii U title, LEGO City Undercover. Don't go into it expecting much, though. The limitations of the 3DS make it impossible to render objects far away, so there's a LOT of fog effects. As a result, the world feels pretty empty a lot of the time. The loading times make it frustrating to play, too. I, myself, enjoyed it despite all this, but I wouldn't say it's really worth the full price of a 3DS game. The problem here was, they were trying to make a game of a scale that was WAY bigger than the 3DS could handle. They bit off more than the 3DS could chew!

  • Alana Marie - Fantastic

    I will never go a day without taking this! I get frequent UTI's and they are a nightmare. I had gotten two a few years ago and for awhile I didn't get any more. This past year since March I've been getting a UTI once a month. I looked up something to ease the pain and I found AZO at my local Target. When summer came I'd get at least two infections a month. Once I had gotten rid of one I'd get another. I became tired of going to the doctor for antibiotics so I would regularly use the AZO pain relief. Two months ago I tried the Nature's Bounty Cranberry pills and it didn't seem to help. I made sure I finished the jar first. When I was running low on those I found this and because of the other product by them I figured I'd try it. I've only been taking them two weeks but I haven't had any infections in three weeks now. Pretty good for someone who was getting two a month. I will continue to use it and when I'm running low I'm going to buy the three pack!

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