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  • RAME - Favorite dental tool!

    I absolutely love this water flosser. I don't think I've found a dental product so easy and dare I say fun to use. I have extremely sensitive gums and I found it easier to not put freezing cold water in it to use. The pressures exerted are just right. The battery life once charged lasts for a long time. Generally charge once every two to three weeks depending on use. However, I use mine daily because I love it so much and it makes you feel even more refreshed after brushing.

  • Christine S. - Small and compact, great for the price

    This video camera is perfect! It's nice and small in size, and come with a small carry case which will fit in a medium size purse or bag. I like that this camera is a USB charge so I can charge it with my laptop or at an outlet. The picture quality is nice and is better than any video I could take on a regular digital camera or cellphone. It has the ability for zooming in and out. And the screen is surprisingly large so the size of the camera itself. Ithe does not come with a SD card but I was able to use one I had from an old digital camera I have. I could also view pictures and videos that were on the SD card from previous use. All in all I would purchase this product again and would Def recommend to a friend or family member. Great quality for a cheap price.

  • Yasmina - Love it

    I've ordered this product three times already, because I believe it does work. It's not a lose weight quick pill, but I use it for an added burst of energy before my workouts and it helps me work harder longer. I love it.

  • Margaret Jones - A great book

    It seems like he keeps the book well updated and organized. I do like the it is written. It is not only good for school but it is great for work as well. Buy it.

  • Krista Lyons - and like a few reviews I just opened up to take ...

    I bought this book to study, and like a few reviews I just opened up to take the practice exam and it is missing! It is impossible to speak to someone on the phone from Kaplan regarding this - and I want a full refund. How does this even happen? I am missing pages 278-331. Disappointed with Amazon as well.

  • Beverly J. Cowling - No applicator brush

    I love using tea tree oil, but if this had an applicator brush, I would rate it 5 stars. It works well on toenail fungus, cuts and scrapes, and I like the smell, though others do not. The fact that there is no applicator brush is a minus, however, because waste becomes an issue. Using cotton swabs or cotton balls means more product is absorbed into the cotton than is usable, so that isn't a sound option.

  • Natalie - It takes a couple of weeks to work, but worked for everyone

    I bought this to treat my dog who had crusty bumps on the margin of his ears. It took about 10-14 days to see a difference, but it has been very effective. I now wash just his ears with this once a week and it hasn't come back. It worked so well for him that I tried it on my own hair which has a very stubborn flakiness that won't go away with ordinary dandruff shampoo and it is much improved. I then used it on my 3 y.o. son's cradle cap (being very careful not to get it in his eyes) and it helped there too. The stuff does tingle and I'm sure it would be very bad to get it in your eyes, which is why it is not recommended for humans. However it worked for a variety of long standing and treatment resistant crusty, flaky, and oily skin and scalp conditions in my family. I'd try this first before trying the tar formulation shampoos.

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