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  • Eiji - Pretty much all I can say is "Holy ****."

    I don't normally gush about products, so this is going to sound a little bit like a shill piece written by a salesperson, probably. It's not. I'm probably just talking like a giddy dip**** because I just finished styling my hair with this stuff and I'm a little in shock at the results.

  • Dirty C - Adapter worked perfectly!!!

    I purchased this adapter to mount my LG computer monitor on a dual arm desk mount. The back of my monitor had a VESA 100x200 mounting pattern instead of a standard 100x100 or 75x75. This adapter attached perfectly to the back of the monitor and made it easy to attach it to the mounting plate on the desk mount. The adapter plate is very durable and isn't too heavy, so it won't add a lot of weight when used. I would highly recommend this adapter for any one that has a 100x200 mount pattern and needs to use a standard VESA mount. If needed I would purchase this adapter again.

  • Lilly - I gave 1 star for a review because not happy with it

    I gave 1 star for a review because not happy with it. Have had McAfee as my virus protector for years & was happy with it until now. Purchased it again by way of Amazon. Called McAfee to see if a way to use new code with old subscription. They tried to do so guiding me, but wouldn't do so with what she told me to do. McAfee wanted to download a program so could she could take over my computer to get it going. I thought no way letting them & download something more in my computer. Hung up & thought will download myself & delete the old McAfee subscription. Did so, but since I had used the code I bought, wouldn't let me use it again. Amazon was kind enough to give me another code. LOVE Amazon. When downloaded McAfee from site online, used my same email & password from prior subscription & kept saying was expired still. Called McAfee & someone guided me how to get the new installed. They said had to download Internet Exployer, which I thought I already had on my computer. She gave me the web address to type in & told her, I want my default the same & don't want her changing anything on my computer. She said, OH NO, but oh yes. Now my default is Yahoo & can't get rid of it. I called McAfee & said only way could fix the issued is to let them into my computer. No Way. Will never get McAfee again. Now to open anything takes WAY too long. Maybe Amazon will give my money back & could get something else. I'm way not happy with McAfee!!

  • Rafael - Watch out Bose and Beats

    100% satisfied. After feeling disappointed with my pair of Beats headphones, I switched to a pair of Bose. I was pleased with the sound quality and comfort until my relative put a pair of these A-Audio headphones in my hand to try out. There was an immediate distinction in comfort quality and once I pressed play, blew me away! They fit like a glove and the sound was brilliant and was by far superior. I ended up selling my Bose, purchased these, and could not be happier with my decision. I highly recommend these.

  • James Sexton - Faint praise: I didn't turn it off...

    I am going to keep this short. This was not the worst movie I have ever seen, however it was pretty bad. The story line was... well... ridiculous. The special effects were too over the top. Throughout the entire film I kept thinking the effects, while on one level were impressive, they were so unrealistic that they suspended my 'suspension of disbelief'. The movie really did deserve one star, but as I recently sat through "Furry Vengeance" I could not in good conscience lump it at the same level.

  • john hundrieser - Intuit is the worst software company in the world.

    I first used QuickBooks when it was a DOS product, and it was pretty good! Since then it has barely improved and the world has passed it by. I haven't used it in 8 years and just bought a new version and it's completely unusable. First, you have to reinstall Internet Explorer if you're like everyone smart that uses modern browsers instead of IE. Then, it still won't connect with your bank, even if you use their IE window to login to your banking site (it disables the feature of downloading banking transactions?!???!?!). I'm going to go back and look at xoom and and maybe i should get a giant paper ledger with a pencil and an arm guard. That would be less painful that this Intuit failure.

  • Shannon baker - this is a great for traveling

    this is a great for traveling, I didn't have to take my laptop out at TSA check line. its a bit big for school but great for traveling.

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