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  • C. Chandler - Holiday Barbie

    Our adult daughterNlaw has collected these since they came out when she was a little girl. Since she has been a member of our family we have given her one each year. This year (for Christmas 2012) she wasnt as pretty as before. She had that " MAKE ME FOR CHEAP AS POSSIBLE" look to her.... her face wasnt even CLEARLY painted. and her hair was like straw... no attempt at all to make it just look like WIG hair?

  • Liza M. - If you are like me, with an oily complexion that tends to ...

    I seem to remember experiencing more breakouts when using this product, so I passed it on to friends with more of a dry skin-type. If you are like me, with an oily complexion that tends to undergo routine breakouts (not severe, but enough to be annoying), then please visit your dermatologist and ask for anti-aging and anti-blemish methods and products.

  • Nelda Collins - This book gives instructions in the study area of the ...

    This book gives instructions in the study area of the book and solutions and tells you the strategies to how to pass thef test no excuse outside of not studying for not passing the test.

  • Giggles - Clean

    Really balances everything out in my area and truly makes me comfortable to be sexy and flirty around my husband all times of the day. I just wish it didn't cost so much, but I suppose it's worth the comfortable feeling I have everyday.

  • tiny - Gone!

    This product can really do wonders for cold sores. My friend was very dejected about her cold sores and I wanted to do something really nice for her. She was so happy with the results she is now telling more friends about it. Don't go another minute suffering your cold sores. Get this!

  • shoefashionista - Not worth the money

    A nicely scented product, but I do not think it should be called a "serum." Has no effect on my skin, but then we all respond differently to products.

  • david shepard - it didn't work 3 month. on it no lose ...

    it didn't work 3 month.on it no lose . i tried to cancel by gmail.com 2 times i tried your support phone line dead .now i have the 4 one sitting here. i want to cancel it. said money back next step is attorney general tom miller

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