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  • J. Koon - great resource

    I have looked at several editions of this book over the past few years and am always impressed by the amount of information it provides. This book does a great job of providing information on universities by state and by focus of study. It gives plenty of information to help potential graduate students make more informed choices. My only complaint is a small one. I would prefer if they added a way to look up specific degrees. Right now you have to look up each school to see the degrees or look it up by focus. If you wanted to earn an EdD for example, you would have to look through every school or subject listed. Not a big deal, but my only suggestion for improving this great book.

  • Mona - 3 day difference!

    Seeing as though I am on the cusp of turning 40 and have never used an anti-wrinkle product until now, I believed all of these creams were a joke. I've used this for only 3 days and have already noticed a substantial difference in the wrinkles in between my eyebrows. I look forward to what will come out of continuous use of this product.

  • Dannyboy - This moded is the best seller, it works well and price is great

    my spouse uses this on his head and face (he also uses the GoateeSaver to trim around his goatee). He uses a pre-shave lotion prior to shaving, which helps to soften the hair. This model is a best seller. The price is great and it cleans easily. He used a Norelco shaver years ago and lost it during a move. He was spending $15 for head shave and $7 for beard trim, but now he can do it himself. He wanted me to warn you that it takes about 2-3 weeks for the beard/head to get used to the electric shaver.

  • Peter Schau - Still a solid product after all these years

    I've used the Street Atlas products for 15+ years and they continue to be the excellent resource I depend upon them to be. I recently purchased the 2014 version to replace the 2009 addition and like it just the same. I still haven't had a chance to fully learn all the in's and out's of the new version, but did notice that the distance tool is now tied to the draw function. I would have preferred it if they would have left it as a separate option on the tool bar as they did with the previous versions.

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