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  • Essays good transfer boys wisely adjusted tactics - Essays good transfer boys wisely adjusted tactics. Quick, the analysis essays good transfer June 1950, when the Communist
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  • Ranch Girl - Easy to follow and it works!

    This book provides some simple rules that are easy to follow. It is not a "diet" as much as a way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. You don't go hungry, and you do loose weight. This is not a low carb diet, but it is a reduced carb diet. The authors provide a good explanation as to what causes your body to store fat. The simple rules require that when you eat high carb foods you also eat protein in a 2:1 ratio while never exceeding 30g carbs at a given time. You are allowed a reasonable amount of fat as well. The foods you eat are very similar to the South Beach Diet, but I like this better because of the simple rules about the protein and carb combining, and I don't like to follow menus in a book.

  • Party Girl in Big D - Judging is NOT a bad thing...

    I had to FORCE myself to put it down because it's such a funny book with real life experiences that will have you thinking about how you handled situations in the past and how to go about handling them differently going forward.

  • yorky - Great car stereo but there was no manual dont know ...

    Great car stereo but there was no manual dont know how to hook up the streering wheel control wiring

  • Ima Rascal - Powerful little backup.

    Pretty powerful little gun. nice to have on hand when your main guns run out or when you need a backup weapon. This little gun sends out darts at a pretty powerful rate. Always wear eye protection when playing with these toys.

  • B. Laue - Avoid petroleum products --use this instead. It works!

    Petroleum distillate rubber conditioners will temporarily soften rubber seals, then turn them to mush over time. Not AT-205 Re-Seal! I've used this in two motorcycles (31 and 27 years old), as well as two cars (a 1996, and a 2003), over two years ago, as a preventative measure. No problems, no issues, other than it helped eliminate one oil leak. I originally found this product in an auto-parts store, for around $7 more than I paid here (minus S/H). Even with the postage fees, this came out to be $6 less, per bottle, ordering three at a time, than I would have paid buying it semi-locally (had to drive to a neighboring town, 40 miles away -- no one locally carries it).

  • bludragon512 - Great values on space saver bags bundle

    These space saving vacuum bags just did not come at a better time for me. I am taking a trip overseas in the next couple months, and plan to look for these bags next month. Thanks god I came across these California Basics bags. What a great value for a great bundle that has just about exactly every bag that I need. This bundle includes:

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