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  • jocee - Waste of money

    This stuff has a terrible smell, and is a waste of money. Buy witch hazel from your local drug store for better results.

  • Nicolas S - switches and ergonomics are the best of any mouse I have used

    If you're looking for an all around mouse that has all the bells and whistles of other gaming mice then this is not for you. This mouse is meant for those that want that extra edge in games where precision, speed, and consistency is key. The sensor, switches and ergonomics are the best of any mouse I have used. Its very light which gives it the perception of being low quality but I dont believe that is the case. It reminds me of performance versions of cars. All the bells and whistles like AC, radio, comfy seats, cup holders, etc are taken out to make it bare bones but it still costs more than the regular version of the car. This mouse is probably slightly over priced but there is not a lot like it on the market at the moment.

  • Mimi - Just Say No

    I found that the Meaningful Beauty products actually made my skin drier and they are far from the fountain of youth they are promoted as being, fabulous melon aside. Returning the products or getting your money back from the 60 day money-back guarantee is a nightmare. Instructions for how to return the product are confusing and unclear. I've spoken on the phone with five different representatives and they each gave me a different story. Also, they are very quick to send e-mail confirmation of orders and shipments, but I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation of the cancellation I made a week ago. I wonder why?

  • rooksies5 - Kids are loving it!

    I have three kids and we have to keep track of whose day it is to "build". They are enjoying this advent calendar so much. Some days we have had extra pieces, so I was expecting the possibility of having some missing pieces on other days. That hasn't happened. I have had to help with a couple of the items, since my children couldn't figure out what to do based on the picture. Separate directions might make this easier. Overall, I wish I had bought more than one, would have made my mornings easier!

  • Amazon Customer - I'll first start with saying I have read every book of Bella's and I love her writing style

    Just spend the last 4 hours reading... I couldn't stop. I'll first start with saying I have read every book of Bella's and I love her writing style. My husband basically knows when an new book comes out that he won't see for the night. The Gender Game is brilliant! It left me wanting more! The world is split in two very different nations. That makes you wonder what side would you end on if you could choose. The details pull you and for me it is like I'm watching a movie unfold. I can picture the places Violet is seeing. Feel her emotions flood through. I've read a lot of negative reviews on the character and the "confusing ending". To me the ending says there is more to come! Yes I have TON of unanswered questions, but that to means another books is coming. I love series I honestly do not read very many 1 book and its over. The end is not confusing, but leaves room for the series to expand and grow! I can't to see where Bella takes this

  • mommys4 - Mother of 4- & I LOVE this simple device!!

    This simple device has saved me (and my small children) the agony of using a bulb syringe when they were congested. My kids were are small to blow their noses effectively, if at all and this baby-vac allowed me to remove the excess mucus in seconds. AMAZING!!

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