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  • Carol Baker - Great support for your aching back!

    I purchased this for my son in law, who was in a car accident in early February. He has been having bad back issues from the wreck and has been attending physical therapy. I saw this and thought, that as busy as he is, he could use the extra support that this might give him. It came in the mail yesterday and he tried it out right away. Working in his garage, on some simple tasks, the lumbar support that this brace provided to him, was a great help and relief. He is a very fit and active person, and this really provided the comfort and extra support that his bad back needed to let him be able to still get some things done. The straps are adjustable and he had no trouble getting a correct fit for his body. The pockets allow him to carry his cell phone and his keys if he needs to go somewhere. No wonder that people who are on their feet all day long wear these back support braces. I am very pleased with how this works for him.

  • DeborahDarling - Best thing I've found for pet stains & odor...even worked on cat "mistakes"!

    Our number one "leaky dog" has gone to puppy heaven, but we still have an occasional "accident", and this is the best thing I've ever found for stain & odor control. It's not magic, but it's close. Just soak up or remove as much of the offending substance as possible, soak the area with Natures Miracle, let it sit for a few minutes to do its enzyme work, then blot up what you can. Stain gone, odor gone. Perfect!

  • E. B. - Classic Jam

    I hate drug references in pop culture but despite that bias, I still find this song irresistibly irreverent and thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Amazon Customer - Texas folks never let their women down

    The vigor male enhancers I think are really good. This does what it is rumored to do well and you don't have to use the entire bottle to start to get results it worked for me the first time, just give it 30 minutes after you take it for it to kick in. If you take it after you can go faster again. We texas folk are serious about our performance and never let a lady down.

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