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  • matt - Not worth the torture.

    I bought this in an attempt to get rid of stubborn hair faster. I'm a guy with sensitive skin and have used the women's nair tons of time. That product works well but you need to leave it on for an extended period of time. SO, I bought the mens. The label says do not exceed 10 minutes. I used it on my butt cheeks and MY GOD did it hurt. I stood it for 3 minutes and washed it off. While all the hair was gone it left my buttocks and right upper thigh with 1st degree chemical burns. Sensitive skin customers be warned.

  • Amazon Addict - Instead of base make-up...

    I really like this product because I use it instead of base make up. It's light and in the AZ sun, I feel protected. It's probably not as "miraculous" as the name, but I still like the product. I have olive skin and medium is a bit light in the summer sun, but in the winter, it's perfect.

  • SanPa - Horrible Mistake

    I've used TurboTax for the last 8 yrs, but pricing was really getting on my nerve. I decided to try H&R Block-ware - big mistake. The program bugs have included missing complete forms (e.g. 1098T), misdirects of tax years (e.g. prior to version updat, my file force saved as default 2011, even after manually changed to 2012!!!). constantly changing background calculations (a refund dropping from $7x to $4x after an update leaves you wondering about accuracy if each update results in a different tax liability). I only hope that TT will allow me to import from Blockheadware come next tax season.

  • Pamela Cummings - My husband has a bad back, herniated disk and needs a back brace ...

    My husband has a bad back, herniated disk and needs a back brace with lumbar support. This is just what he was looking for. I highly recommend other to try this back brace. Thank you so much.

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