Deník parazitika | Úvodní stránka - Po nádoru mám velmi oslabenou imunitu, která dovolila parazitům, aby se v mém těle přemnožili. Způsobují mi spoustu problémů, proto se jich chci zbavit. Začala jsem detoxikací, pokračuji chemickou léčbou léky albendazolem, ivermectinem a praziquantelem. Přidávám k tomu plazmový generátor a účinnou metodu k řešení psychických potíží.

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4667 Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia

  • Rita S. - Some advertised features not avaliable

    Advertised platform is widows 10, but box says XP, vista, 8.1. It did install on Windows 10 and then ran the update. Did not install the first time, but did the 2nd time. Maybe the .NET Framework did not work the 1st time. Advertised here on Amazon to have Photo Power, but it does not. Pages 1 and 20 of the book say all versions do not have it. Easy to use otherwise. Replacing Create A Card which does not work past XP. Can only give 3 stars since it is not as advertised. Will try contacting customer about the Photo Power feature/

  • michele - I used these weight drops when I ran out of ...

    I used these weight drops when I ran out of the competitors drops and I wanted to stretch out my diet program. They work just as well. I still want too lose more weight, down 30 , so I will continue to use the rest after my reset mode.

  • David's Wife - Requires expensive supplements

    This 10 day detox diet plan requires expensive supplements. His supplement pack, which should last for 4 weeks, costs $140. The book suggests that you throw away all processed foods and foods that contain sugar or hydrogenated oils. While I agree that those foods are not healthy, I think that if you really are going to remove all of these foods from your diet, perhaps you could donate them to a food bank rather than the trash can. I think that it is a good idea to eat healthy foods, but the book just seems to be a set up to sell the expensive supplements. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

  • dawnablum - Straightforward and easy to use

    Facing mortality was the biggest roadblock for me in using this product. Once I got past the emotional barriers, it was really just a matter of answering questions and filling in blanks. I've only completed the will up to this point, but it was no more difficult than Turbotax. My estate is pretty small and not too difficult to distribute, so definitely worth what I paid for the product

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