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  • Ron Husted Jr. - Couldn't be better and great instruction! Easy!

    Don't know what some people were complaining about when it comes to instalation? Mine came with clear instructions? ( smaller crossbar goes to the rear) If one just folds up the rubber that goes between the crossbar and the rails, it is clearly marked at both ends ("RH", right hand and "LH" left hand sides). Super simple and a great product. This our third CRV and I paid full price for roofracks the first time. Never again!

  • crazy cat lady - lots of dead ends- down the 'rabbit hole"?

    I bought this at Target on the clearance rack. As many reviewers, and Telebrands themselves, state- the device simply displays an interface from which you can link to shows you would want to watch. It may be worth $10 for people who stuggle with finding things on the web. I was disappointed because many of the links did not result in an available show. For example- discovery channels shows some free content on line, animal planet (AP) link is listed on the rabbit screen, but when I followed it the commercials will certainly play, but the shows will not. I thought something was wrong with my flash settings fact, AP was being shown for one month (Dec 2012?)to generate interest- and this resulted in the now non-functioning link on the rabbit screen. On a brighter note, I could find the tiny public local government tv channels, which always play free anyway- but who could find them? And, you'll see displayed channels you may not be aware of, such as news feeds- pentagon news, NASA...I may give this another chance, but right now- it's back to Target on Monday. I can find more entertaining things to do with $10- really (!)


    I do not proclaim to be a subject expert, the review book barely glances over important topics. For example on page 9 (the first content page) "Myocardial infarctions occur when the coronary artery is suddenly occluded with a blood clot". While a blood clot can certainly be a cause, more often the cause for an MI is plaque buildup. The authors also discuss the difference between a NSTEMI and a STEMI. They only discuss the amount of blockage in the artery and never mention the true difference is the lack of conduction and that a STEMI is lethal if left untreated.

  • C. Bowser - Doubtful that product is real when glasses broke after 3rd wear.

    I really liked the look of the glasses...until a lens popped out. I think I will just stick to $10 sunglasses. They never seem to break or get lost.

  • Miguel E. Tersy - A delightful book

    This is s book for I Love Lucy fans. Desi and Lucy were indeed television's power couple. While the public saw them as the ideal couple their private lives was a different story. I highly recommend it.

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