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Dick's Pharmacy - Medical Supplies | Altoona, PA - Find prescriptions and more at Dick's Pharmacy. We also stock a wide selection of diabetic supplies, braces, vitamins and more. Call 814-944-6425.

  • http://dickspharmacy.com/pharmacies/2595156 Dick's Pharmacy Locations | Claysburg |Williamsburg | Altoona, PA - Learn more about Dick's Pharmacy's 3 locations. Visit us in Altoona, Claysburg and Williamsburg, PA. We offer prescriptions and more. Call 814-944-6425.
  • http://dickspharmacy.com/altoona/2602878 Altoona Pharmacy | Health Supplies | RX Refills | Altoona, PA - Visit the Altoona location of Dick's Pharmacy. We are open 6 days a week and can fit you for leg and knee braces. Call 814-944-6425 for more information.
  • http://dickspharmacy.com/claysburg/2602881 Claysburg Pharmacy | Health Supplies | RX Refills | Claysburg, PA - Visit the Claysburg location of Dick's Pharmacy. We offer a large selection of gifts, as well as all of your diabetic supplies. Call 814-239-5136 today.
  • http://dickspharmacy.com/williamsburg/2602882 Williamsburg Pharmacy | Health Supplies | RX Refills | Williamsburg PA - Visit the Williamsburg location of Dick's Pharmacy. We carry a wide selection of OTC medicines, vitamins and diabetic supplies. Call 814-832-3653 today.

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  • bookwormser - weight loss too

    I had taken to much tylenol and was having trouble with my cholesterol being high (299) I researched these types of products and settled on this one. I have taken it for ninety days and lowered by cholesterol to 243, with the bad being lowered from 208 to 168. My doctor was even impressed. I also managed to lose 8 pounds during the ninety days and will continue to use this product on a regular basis for my health.

  • J. Green - COLD PLASMA? Laughing stock extravaganza

    Pleeeezzzze!!! Dont waste your money on this garbage. You will find yourself wondering why you blew almost 100 dollars on this

  • Roger - BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT BUY! (I love Ancestry.com but...)

    BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT BUY! I love Ancestry.com but this Family Tree Maker (AKA FTM) software is total crap. Oh yes, the GUI (graphical frontend) looks really nice and well thought out, but it has several known critical flaws within the software. If there were an option for no stars, I would use it on this product.

  • D. Hardy - Very light green

    This seed grew OK but i my opinion a very ugly shade of grass. Was not happy with the coloring and will look to buy a bluegrass.

  • willie wise - the best tv for the job and i am going to ...

    i have been using this tv as a computer monitor in my recording for the past 2 years and its on 24/7 it has had no problems, the best tv for the job and i am going to get 2 more for my recording studio

  • Erin J Turner - Best for learning GIS

    Calipers products seem much easier to use than other companies. The help provided in the software is vastly superior to any other product I have used.

  • ROBIN MCCALL - I could not put this book down. I tried ...

    I could not put this book down. I tried to sleep but could not, until I finished the book. Police Sergeant Matt Payne again takes on the multiple problems of 'Killadelphia', solving some but not all. Fast action with lots of shooting and car chases, but this books seems more hopeful that Philadelphia will eventually solve its problems, in spite of con men, crooked politicians, and self-involved rich people.

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